Living on the spur of technologically evolving society, our IT horizon is dynamic and its current scenario is that it is in the constant state of a stir. Every year our markets face a new deluge of technology – technological advancement, new gadgets, advancement in pre-existing gadgets’ function – this is what the gushing deluge of technology brings for us. These are the perks of technology – perks quite clear in the field of web development and designing either.

It is either a blessing of technological advancement or a result of the need for developers to make their work easy, there are now many web development technologies that have changed our web development landscape. It is 2016 – new technologies, new web development process and new cyber world – that is what 2016 has to offer us.

Yesterday’s flat design of the website is today’s old story and today’s top-notch web designs would be worn out by tomorrow. This is the true spirit of IT rich world that every day we face something new and we need to embrace this spirit being an active participant in this IT world. For this, we need to immerse ourselves in the modern trends and brace technological innovations in the field of web development.

Below are given five top-notch web development technologies rituals in 2016, which you need to make your own ritual if you want to stand out:

1. Browser-Based IDEs – Redefining the Meaning of ‘at Ease’!

IDEs have made the life of developers much easier by mingling the writing and testing tools developers need for software development. They have contributed to streamlining the messy life of developers and have contributed to mesh a favorable environment for them. Starting from Visual Studio to Xcode, whatever was your favorite IDE pick, it is time to change it. Browser-based cloud IDEs have changed the meaning of ‘at ease’ by enhancing usability, availability, and flexibility for the developers as compared to the old philosophy of the software constrained IDEs. If this isn’t yet in your kitty, then you need to redefine your definition of ‘at ease’ by cloud IDEs.

2. Containers’ Game is on!

Passing through all the phases of plain HTML sites, local servers and virtual machines, now we have landed on a platform where containers are the next big thing for the developers. Though containers are in practice now for some time, 2016 has registered the usage of containers more than before. This all is due to the amenities it provides like an isolated environment which makes it possible for the developers to make, test and then run any application anywhere. If you were looking for this miracle, then it has occurred.

3. Fronted Framework – a Perfect innovation for the best!

The responsive website has been the point of consideration for the website developers since the users’ internet consumption has tilted from desktop to laptops and then to mobile phones. Now frameworks are not constrained to the backend coding, need to build the responsive website has brought this need to the front-end either. That is what Bootstrap – a front-end framework is doing. If the website is not responsive i.e. supporting all the screen types, then it is more likely to get flopped. So, the responsive front-end framework is a perk worth picking in 2016.

4. UI Animations – Take your good design to the Best Level!

A whole plethora of Javascript and CSS libraries are the by-product of the animation trend initiated by the CSS3 transitions. Though animation has nothing to do with the phenomenon of website development, animation helps you to make your website more engaging and enticing for the users to stay for a long time on your site. If this is what you are looking for, then CSS and Javascript libraries are what you want.

5. Synchronized Testing Tools – Sync your Web Testing!

Besides all advancements in website development technologies, technological advancement has also leaped forward to support post-development stages of website development. So, 2016 is guarding web developers against all the sides. Synchronized testing tools help in the post website development stage where a lot of devices await to test the responsiveness of the website. These tools make it possible for the developers to simultaneously test their website on multiple devices.

All these technologies of web development hold the power to elevate your web development experience in 2016. All these perks of the IT revolution are ready to revolutionize your practice of website development.

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