Five DIY Washer Repairs to Prevent a Service Call

If you want to avoid calling any service to fix the issues of your washer, you must learn how to solve a lot of its problems on your own. It won’t only help you save money in the long run but also ensure that your washer is in safe hands.

Here are five DIY washer repairs mentioned to help you prevent a service call.

  • Washer Not Running

If your washer doesn’t run, you simply need to check if it is plugged properly or not. Also, the plugs might get loose because of getting hit by other surrounding objects. So, it is quite easy to deal with this issue by checking and fixing the plug effectively. However, if your washer is plugged properly and still not running, you need to check the electric breaker of your home to make sure that it is not tripped. If this issue persists for a longer time, you can call the electrician for help.

  • No Water

The other major repair you might need to do is when the washer is running but there is no water entering the machine. First of all, you should see whether the valves are properly open or not. However, if the valves are open and the washer still doesn’t get filled with water, you can check your filter to see if there is a clog. You must not forget unplugging the machine before opening the hoses of your machine and get them cleaned.

  • Noises

Noises are another annoying issue which you must know how to handle without calling any washing machine repair service. The possible reasons for the noises can be the uneven loading of clothes or clogged drains. You must spread the clothes evenly inside the washer if you want to avoid such terrible noises. Also, you must carry out the cleaning process of drains after every few days. Another simple trick is checking the pockets of clothes before putting them in the washer as you can always find a coin, card, or any toy inside them which can later cause trouble by making weird noises.

  • Leaks

You must learn to fix leaks effectively as it is one of the major repairs of a washing machine. If you don’t want any stagnant water on the floor, you should immediately check the hose for the splits or cracks. If the hose turns out to be damaged, you need to replace it as soon as possible. Also, it is suggested to use high-quality detergent to prevent having soapy liquid on the floor.

  • Wet Clothes

If you end up having wet clothes even after the last spin cycle of the washer, you need to check the water pump and hoses properly. It is also possible for the washer to move rapidly in a weird way. You can simply use a brush to get the pump and hose cleaned. It would help make the draining process faster and smoother again.

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