When looking forward to a better smile, clear aligners are a wonderful solution. A professional orthodontist will help you on the journey to a new and better smile. However, you have to understand the best way to enjoy your first week after Invisalign. The rule of thumb is being good to your mouth and establishing a consistent healthy routine throughout the treatment. Since you are to wear these clear aligners for 22 hours daily, expect some discomfort and pain.

Use the following tips to help you have a smooth transition to the journey leading to a better smile. 

First Week After Invisalign

Tips to enjoy yourself in the First Week After Invisalign

Learn the ways to live a normal happy life and enjoy in the First Week After Invisalign

Protect the tongue

Plastic edges of clear aligners might become irritating. Expect some sores at the beginning of a new tray cycle and mouth tightening. Accelerating this requires using dental wax for covering sharp edges and rough spots on the aligners. Place a pinch of wax rolled into shape for application to problem areas. If the wax fails to work or the retainers have a rough jagged section, task your orthodontist to file them for you using an electric sander. 

Alternatively, a bottle of peroxide-based mouthwash also works. This is formulated to heal any minor oral irritations you might get during orthodontic treatment. It offers relief for teeth and gum pain by offering a refreshing and foamy effect on the problem area. Ensure to keep a bottle handy in your medicine cabinet before going for Invisalign treatment

Treat pain and discomfort

The most significant benefit of Invisalign In Vancouver is forcing teeth into an ideal position. Honestly, this can hurt or come with some pain in the jaws and teeth. However, do some chewing exercises several times daily and when reinserting the trays. This keeps teeth in line with the treatment plan while lessening pain. Chewing exercises offer a massage effect on the gums and stimulate nutrient-rich blood to flow in the mouth. 

Enhancing blood flow is a wonderful pain reliever. The chewing exercise keeps the trays fitting tight for optimal teeth movement. You can get some styrofoam chewies from the orthodontist for assistance in the chewing process. Grab some for home use but keeping them clean regularly is essential to prevent them from getting very dirty. 

Use tray reinserting products 

When you have a busy schedule, you might not find an appropriate time to do chewing exercises during the first week of getting Invisalign. The chewies or other DIY products like ballpoint pens and suction tips might not be convenient for use in public. Additionally, these items are not sanitary appealing and a professional orthodontist is less likely to recommend them. 

Invest in a product that freshens breath while seating the trays in a low key but sanitary manner. the ideal product should fit your aligners in perfect shape. The right product should be a good alternative to chewie foam and encourage gentle chewing daily. Find a product that tastes good and avoids a dry mouth for eating all day with your trays in place. The product should be sweetened with xylitol but sugar-free. 

Sanitary and safe handling of clear aligners 

Invest in appropriate tools to allow removing the invisible braces in a safe and sanitary manner. The right product is small enough to fit in the retainer case with an easy to use design. Using hands to place the trays is a bit hard. The trays get tighter as treatment progresses and you will have to get new angles to remove them. 

You need a product that saves you from nail gashes when your hands slip to get the trays out. the right products offer a wonderful hands-free experience to handle your clear aligners in a safe and sanitary manner. 

Always clean the trays 

Sometimes it is hard to miss a lukewarm cup of coffee or a sip of white wine while wearing trays. However, don’t make it a habit and always be mindful of your schedule. Doing this during the last days of wearing aligners has less risk of causing stains. For trays becoming a bit dingy and funky, using appropriate sanitizing spray keeps them clean. This is very important before placing the trays back in or after getting them out. 

Stick to a routine

Establishing a personal routine is very important when embarking on a journey to maintain your clear aligners. Understanding this is the solution to incorporating aligners into your daily schedule. Adopt good habits to protect your tongue backed by some chewing exercises to lessen pain and discomfort. this relieves pain associated with clear aligners on the journey to achieving your dream smile.

Bottom line  

Invisalign treatment is an ideal solution to getting a better smile. A certified and professional orthodontist will take you through the whole process. It is important to understand what awaits you after getting clear aligners. Use the tips above to understand the best way to have a smooth transition during the first week of getting Invisalign treatment

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