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Fertility Center in Hyderabad

In India, approximately 20% of couples seek IVF (in-vitro fertilization) every year. It could be either of the partners causing failure to conceive or to get pregnant. According to statistics, infertility is observed in 30-40% of Indian men, and an equal proportion in the female counterparts, while it is both the partners in 20-30% of the cases.

If you are looking forward to parenting, and the next step in your journey towards pregnancy is to search for a fertility clinic, it would pay off to do a little homework first.

There can be multiple reasons why a fertility clinic might be a good choice. Let’s say you have been facing trouble getting pregnant and you have consulted only your gynecologist for advice so far.

The doc has already run a blood test for hormones and also asked you to record your basal body temperature for two months. Simultaneously, your partner has been checked by a urologist. When it comes to taking advice, you might wish that you could both go to the same doctor together. That’s where the infertility specialist enters the scene who can introduce you to the big picture.

It is recommended you see one if you are a:

  • A woman who has experienced more than one miscarriage
  • Woman under 35 years of age and haven’t gotten pregnant after more than a year of trying
  • Woman over 35 years of age and haven’t gotten pregnant after over six months of trying
  • Men who’ve had a poor semen analysis

Let’s see how you can search for the best fertility center in Hyderabad.

Before you get started with your search, it’s a good thing to find out what tests and procedures you may need along the road.

And be mentally prepared about how far you are willing to go with the process, as infertility treatments can cost many thousands of rupees and may also involve strong drugs and hormones. Moreover, it will probably take you on an emotional roller coaster. Having your limits set beforehand will keep you from walking into some new unwanted and unaffordable procedure.   

Speaking practically, part of choosing a fertility center in Hyderabad is personal and subjective.  The best clinic for your sister may not be the best clinic for you. So, ask your friends, doctors, local support groups, and insurance companies for recommendations and then investigate the shortlisted ones.

Considering The Fertility Specialists

A clinic is only as good as the doctor that runs it. Depending on how the clinic functions, you may be assigned one doctor, or you may see different doctors in a rotation. It is usually best to have one single doctor as your primary contact and case manager.

You Can Consider The Following Questions While Choosing A Doctor:

  • Do they take enough time to answer all your questions? Not be willing to answer your queries upfront is a bad sign.
  • Where did they do their training? Are they board-certified for reproduction endocrinology? How much experience do they have?
  • What hospitals are they affiliated with? Does that hospital accept your insurance?

Questions To Ask About Procedures And The Fertility Clinic’s Lab

  • Where are the procedures and tests carried out? If elsewhere, how far is it from the clinic being talked about?
  • What procedures are recommended for your particular case? Will they consider ovarian stimulating drugs only, or IUI treatment in Chennai (Chennai has better facilities, hands down!) before moving on to IVF? How many cycles of IUI treatment in Chennai will they agree for trial? Different clinics may have different treatment plans, and one may be more suitable for you.
  • How many embryos are transferred in each cycle? For women under 35 years of age with a good prognosis, it is strongly recommended that just one embryo per cycle is transferred, and no more than two. For women aged between 35 to 37 with a good prognosis, transferring two embryos and a maximum of three transfers are suggested. For ages between 38 to 40, three transfers, and a maximum of four; and for ages 41 and 42, a threshold of five.

Questions To Ask About Financing Testing And Treatment

Most clinics have staff who handle the financial aspects of testing and treatment. They would be able to answer all your questions about fees and payment plans, and you should sit down and discuss your options on your first visit to the clinic.