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Feast Ideas in Abu Dhabi to Explore This Weekend with Your Friends

Abu DhabiIn an article shared by The Guardian, the dynamics of strong friendships are observed to be quite amazing, especially in times of difficulty in sadness. You’ll marvel at the efficiency with which a person can help lighten the load for a friend who’s personally going through a challenging situation.


It’s crucial to note, however, that such relationships are cultivated. There are different kinds of efforts involved in creating and fortifying such precious bonds. Among these little efforts is making plans to meet to share a meal. The lovely thing about gastronomic dates with friends is that they do not take a lot of time. Quite often, you can easily squeeze them in at the end of the week when everybody’s just left the workplace.


In Abu Dhabi, Thursday evenings are ideal for gustatory get-togethers with friends. Not only is there no work the following day, but there are so many food-centered events set for the weekend, and all you have to do is to take your pick. 


To make planning these weekend feasts with friends so much easier, listed below are eight options to consider.


1. Light and Healthy Japanese Fare


Abu Dhabi is the home to one of the top authentic Japanese restaurants in the entire MENA region. It is also famous for offering the best Thursday night brunch in Abu Dhabi. It’s worth mentioning as well that the restaurant has a warm and cozy ambiance, which is the perfect setting for conversations with friends.


Brunch at night may seem a little confusing to some, but one thing’s for sure: You and your company will have a fabulous time eating sushi, sashimi, and fusion Japanese treats that are quite popular among foodies because they usually come in small sizes to make sharing easy. Feast on ramen as well, which the Japanese are known to make luxurious. 


2. Luxurious Steak Dinner


After a long and difficult work week, you and your pals may want to splurge on class A steak. One of the best steakhouses out of Hollywood can likewise be found in Abu Dhabi, and it’s a favorite Thursday night destination of families and professionals hoping to create quality time with the people who truly matter to them.


Here you can enjoy steak sourced from different countries. Why not indulge in Wagyu beef, the best steak in the world with your friends? This would make the perfect treat to celebrate the end of a grueling workweek.


3. Food Truck Fiesta


Food trucks are immensely popular in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and you can find them lined up in dedicated locations. If you and your buddies want to have a lot of fun with food, head to food truck parks to sample everything from colorful Instagram food to the best tacos you’ve ever had in your life.


Another thing to love about spending your Thursday evening at a food truck park is the casual and social vibe of the place. People come to have fun over considerably affordable food. Your budget can go a long way, and you can sample a large variety of edibles that may just become your favorite treats.


4. Korean Barbecue Goodness


What so many people love about going out for Korean barbecue is how interactive the meal is. You get a grill right in front of you, and Korean eating practices require you to assemble your meal. It’s just fun, and for those who love those K-dramas, which are accessible in Abu Dhabi, it’s quite enjoyable to sample the dishes that are often featured in the shows.


Plus, Korean barbecue uses a lot of fresh ingredients, and it always comes with the superfood, kimchi.


5. Molecular Gastronomy


It is a well-known fact that Abu Dhabi has some of the finest international dining establishments in the MENA region. Some of the restaurants offer molecular cuisine, which is achieved through a highly scientific and technical method of cooking.


Therefore, if you and your friends are looking for a dining experience like no other, seek out places that are known for molecular cuisine. For sure, your minds will be blown by both the unexpected food presentation and the unique flavors.


6. Chinese Chow


Authentic Chinese cuisine has long been a global favorite. It is always packed with flavor, and it’s colorful as well. Some of the most beloved Chinese dishes that are perfect for sharing with friends are dumplings which, by the way, come in so many varieties. Vegetable dishes are also the expertise of top Chinese restaurants.


In fact, if you will be spending your Thursday evening with a large group of friends, Chinese food is perfect because the servings are always plentiful and all dishes are filling.


These are the top feast ideas in Abu Dhabi that you should consider if you will be hanging out and unwinding with friends on a weekend night. Every one of these ideas offers a unique experience that can ensure your complete gastronomic satisfaction.