Fashion design as a Career: Debunking some Popular Myths

Fashion designing is a popular and appealing career that attracts youngsters due to the glitz and glamour associated with it. Truth is that fashion is like any other business and requires a lot of hard work, creativity and strategic action. It has departments which work together as a single entity to make the industry thrive. 


Despite all this, numerous kind of myths are linked with this field. It doesn’t matter whether you have spent a long time in the fashion world or you are new here, chances are you will encounter such stereotypes. Here are some of the most persistent and prevalent myths that surround fashion designing:


1. Should know how to make clothes

Whenever we hear that someone is a part of this industry, we automatically assume that they are designers. While making clothes is the most important part of the fashion world, it has other profiles as well. There can be those who are associated with this industry but are into PR, marketing or in some technical department. Their contribution may not take centre stage like designers do but they are a vital part of the process. 


2. Strong networking

Again a major misconception about the fashion industry is that an outsider cannot make a career here unless they have influential contacts. This is a false belief because one requires a certain skillset and adequate knowledge to succeed, similar to any other business. It would also be wise to invest in a good degree such as B.Des fashion design as well. 


3. The industry is one big ongoing party 

We all see shows on the runways and the larger than life picture of fashion industry displayed all over media. This automatically leads to the misconception that stylish clothes and continuous after-parties are an integral part of this business. The truth is that behind the scenes of the world we see is days of hard work that goes into putting together a great show. Designers work hard to give shape to their creation and have a huge team to market and put forth their finished product. 


4. Not everyone is a personal shopper 

Firstly, everyone in this industry does not deal with designing clothes. There are other departments that play a very essential role as well. Also, those who work in fashion are not like the stereotypical persona that is portrayed in movies. You will not find people of the industry pushing others to embrace any style or fashionable clothing. They are certainly not keen on assisting someone in their makeover considering how gruelling their schedule is.