Contemporary Jewellery Trends

Jewellery trends don’t change drastically, rather they evolve as seasons change and the need for appropriate styles to fit weather-imposed clothing arising. We move out of a glorious summer filled with bold, brazen silhouettes and bright colours celebrating the heat and energy of the season. As the gentler autumn approaches, colours get muted and clothing gets longer and heavier, more classic and formal.

Jewellery trends, too, reflect these subtle changes with a more uncluttered and elegant shift toward styles. However, it’s not to say these trends are anywhere near dull or drab, but a mere sophisticated metamorphoses of fashion’s current favourites. Let’s take a closer look that these trends and how to perfect them for the season.        

Reasonable Hoops

large hoops earrings

We’re in love with the hoop trend – it’s classic, versatile and suits every type of face. And while outlandishly large hoops were all the rage at the start of the year, fall calls for a much more subtle approach to this fabulous fad. Small- and medium-sized hoop earrings are the autumn must haves in your jewellery box. They top the list of earrings trends in 2018, actually. Perfect for glamming up your everyday workwear or party outfits, metallic gold hoops lend a sleek finishing touch to the heavier, more layered dressing that’s needed as we say goodbye to summer.   

Layered Wrist Candy

mismatched bracelets

Get that bohemian vibe going with layered wrist wear that allows you to show off many styles in a mishmash of colour, metals and textures. Here you can put together metals with fabrics, ridgid bangles with fluid bracelets, and watches as well. Or go classic for an evening out and layer with a single metal such as contemporary gold cuffs, pretty gold bracelets and modern gold bangles. The bottomline: the more the merrier when it comes to decorating your wrists.    

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant Necklaces

While chunky jewellery always has a place in our hearts, the classic pendant silhouette is totally trending right now. And it just so happens to go perfectly with the hoop and layered wristwear trends above. Whether a simple diamond, zodiac birthstone or locket on a delicate chain or a more layered style, if it culminates in a pretty pendant, your jewellery game is on point.

Statement Rings

Statement Rings

This season’s ring trend says that you don’t have to stick to one big bauble on your finger. Spruce up your ring game by wearing multiple statement pieces on each hand. The trick to getting the right balance? Choose one standout statement jewellery piece that is colourful and eye catching – that’s your lead performer right there. For the rest of your fingers, wear smaller, more subtle statement rings in a similar colour palette to your star ring for a thoughtful and stylish effect.

Gold Boyfriend Watch

Gold Boyfriend Watch

The chunky boyfriend watch just got a powerful makeover this season with gold watches back on trend track, and on the wrists of stylish women around the world. Go for unisex, impactful styles in bold and beautiful gold. A large dial and thick wristband lends a cool and edgy touch to your fashion style while the gold exudes a powerful and feminine aura.   

We’re all for classic jewellery and luckily the trends of the season don’t call for any major overhaul of our jewellery collections. With many retro styles travelling back around the block, it’s time to dust out some of those golden oldies and meet fall with a dash of glamour and bling.

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