Factors To Consider When Looking For Security Gates For Your Business

When it comes to security, it would be best if you safeguard your business, and an excellent way to keep your property safe is to have a quality fence and security gates to protect your premises. You are going to have to consider some factors, and the type of business you have may also play a part in determining the best solution for your company. Below are some of the things you will need to consider when installing a fence or gates or replacing your existing security gates.

Security Gates

An Automatic Or A Manned Gate

One consideration that you will need to factor into your search for a new gate is whether a security guard will operate it, or whether you want an automatic one. The automatic gate is a more expensive option, but it does mean you do not have to have someone at the gate at all time. However, to ensure that unwanted people do not drive up to the entrance and make their way in, you will need either an intercom or a security keypad for people to gain entry.

How Much Use Will The Gate Have

If you have vehicles continually coming in and going out of your premises, this will affect the type of security gate that will be best for your business. You may wish to have a secure gate for when your business is closed and have a boom gate that you can raise and lower as needed.

How Heavy Do The Gates Need To Be?

You will find that commercial security gates are available in various materials, including wood, iron, steel, and sometimes a combination of materials. The gates’ cost will be affected by the material you decide to use, but the more substantial and robust gates are often made from iron, which is often the most expensive option. If you are going to have automatic gates, then the gates’ overall weight will have a bearing as well, as the motor needed to move them will need to be stronger, the heavier the gates are.

How The Gates Will Open

You will also need to consider how you want the gates to open, and there are a few different available options, depending on the space you have at your premises. One of the most common options is a sliding gate, which slides back along your fence and takes little space and is often one of the cheapest options.

You can also have a swing gate where it opens like an ordinary door in your home, either outwards or inwards, and this option takes up the most room as you need to keep the area clear so the gates can open. Another option is to have the gates lift upwards, and this can be an expensive option if the gate is also heavy and it will require much more engineering.

These are a few of the considerations you have when looking to have security gates installed for your business, but if you speak to your local installer, they may have other options as well. For more information on securing your business, there are related articles you can find online.