Exploring a Used Audi’s Infotainment System and In-car Technology

 Audi’s Technology

Among all the car brands available in the market, Audi is famous for offering the most integrated and expansive entertainment and information system that you can find in the car. This may be the reason people prefer to buy a used Audi over any other new car. There is a whole range of infotainment options available in an Audi such as:

  1. Virtual cockpit
  2. WiFi hotspot
  3. Live traffic
  4. Phone box
  5. Smartphone connection
  6. Much more

If you will consider the most recent cars introduced by the company, you will get a whole touchscreen suite in your vehicle that has been properly integrated. So, hold tight, buckle your seat belt, as we are about to dive deep into the Audi in-car technology and infotainment system.

MMI System by Audi

The infotainment system of Audi is known as the MMI system that is short for a multimedia interface. It is a general term used for the wide range of high-tech features that you will find in the entertainment and information system of the vehicle. In reality, the MMI system is the user interface and its controllers that are used to make this system work.

Once it was a simple dial and display system that has been upgraded to touch-enabled dials, voice control touchpads, buttons, and steering wheel controls. However, the MMI experience will depend on the car model that you select. However, most of the technologies available in the infotainment system are standard for all the new and used Audi. The only difference that you will find is in the position of your screen and the different packages that you can upgrade with the passage of time. However, most of the systems are presented and operated in the same way in all models.

Virtual Cockpit

The biggest attraction of Audi is the virtual cockpit. There are 3 different types of display that you will get in your new or used Audi.

  1. Analog dials with a small digital window in the center
  2. Analog dials with a large central display
  3. Virtual cockpit

The virtual cockpit of Audi is a complete digital driver display. It came with a 12.3-inch screen and was first introduced on Audi in a 2014 model. You will get a full range of dynamic interactions, and there is no need to have a central display. It means you will get a clear dashboard design.

At standard, you will see the RPM and speed dials on your display. However, you can change the size of your dials by pressing a button on your steering wheel. You can make the size of the dials smaller that will provide you access to all other information displayed on your cockpit. There is a performance mode in Audi R8 with a center rev counter. It is integrated with other customized details like power meter and torque.

The biggest attraction of the system is navigation. It will allow you to fully navigate and spread the map on the virtual cockpit for a clear view. It is very easy to follow because the display will be closer to your eye line.

Rear passenger controls

With the rear passenger control, the drivers will not be able to have all the fun. There is a removable rear positioned controller panel that will allow you to make all adjustment settings.

You will be able to access the TV, radio, and media with the help of the controller from your back seat. It will also allow you to handle the cabin lighting; climate controls, blinds and you can even make the adjustments of the front passenger and rear seats. You can have the system upgraded with various other features.

Satellite navigation system

One of the best things about the MMI system of Audi is the GPS route mapping also known as a satnav. It is a system available in all models of Audi, but there are some unique options available in a few models.

It is even available as a standard system inmost trim levels which makes it worth it. However, it is not available in SE until you will get used Audi A6 SE. Similarly, you will have to get sports for A4 and Technik trim for A3 to get a hand over this technology. With the satnav, you will get the SD card slots, MMI controls and various other options on extra cost.

Audi mapping services are good with excellent pictographic maps, and the Google maps satellite images that will make it easier for you to understand your path. You will get an Internet connection by connecting the vehicle with your smartphone.

Sound system

Audi has the best sound system available in the vehicle with properly integrated speakers that make it easier for drivers to enjoy their favorite songs on the go. However, the main source of music in a vehicle on the radio but in Audi, there are other options available that will allow you to enjoy your favorite music. Some of the options you can consider having are.

  1. There is a smartphone interface available that will allow you to use your Apple or Android devices to play your favorite music. You can use Play Music, Spotify or iTunes to play your songs. You can even stream your music or play it from the phone’s storage.
  2. In some models of Audi, there are connections available for MP3 players and iPods. It is the USB based system that will allow you to connect a USB to enjoy your music.
  3. There is an SD card slot available as well that will let you play music using your SD card.
  4. Hard drive jukebox is also available in some packages. It comes as a part of a technology pack that varies in size according to the model that you have.
  5. In the standard models, there is a multi-disc or CD player available as well if you like to carry physical CDs.