Marvelous Excursion Activities In Dubai That You Shouldn’t Miss

Dubai is a marvelous mishmash of Arabian heritage, modern landmarks, opulent attractions, eclectic food scene, and off beaten experiences. With something new added every year to its ever-evolving list of ground-breaking attractions, the city is bursting at the seams with a plethora of activities and experiences. A Dubai visitor is in for a treat when it comes to things and activities to do in Dubai. Nevertheless, they also have a hard time choosing what to include in their Dubai itinerary.

Dubai city’s main highlights are the soaring towers that glisten in the sun and shroud the entire city showcasing it as a dazzling urban jungle. However, within Dubai and its surroundings are some amazing assortment of excursion experiences that whisks you away from this heady bustling city for a few moments. Excursions in this context mean how you break away from the sights of Dubai’s dazzling city and venture out for more immersive experiences within Dubai and beyond it. Check out these selections of experiences for Dubai visitors to enjoy on a fascinating Dubai vacation.

Palm Fountains

Dubai is famous for its jawdropping and mesmerizing attraction and in 2020, it unveiled another such feat to the world. The Palm Fountain is the latest record-breaking attraction added to Dubai’s bag full of attraction goodies. Dominating the waterfront arena of Pointe -Palm Jumeirah, this impressive is the world’s biggest water fountain.

Sprawling on the brook flanked by a stunning expanse of the modern boulevard, Palm Fountain has water jets shooting 105-metres straight high into the sky. These water jets are synchronized meticulously with 3000 LED lights and tunes of foot-tapping songs. This attraction is one way you can leave behind reality for a moment and get immersed in an enchanting trance performed by this fascinating fountain.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

For the weary souls of city dwellers, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is a relief from the bustling modern life. For visitors, it is an astounding attraction that makes one intrigued by the city’s splendors. Like a portal to an enchanting nature wonderland, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary whisks you away into a serene spot within Dubai city where you can enjoy sightings of some exotic migrating birds.

A wet marshland against the backdrop of soaring skyscrapers of Dubai, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary becomes a make-shift abode for hundreds of pink flamingoes in the winter months. Apart from the fiery pink flamboyance of flamingoes, one can spend some time spotting exquisite birds such as green bee-eater, Hoopoes, Indian roller, purple sunbird, yellow-billed stork to name a few.

Global Village

There is one place on this planet where you can explore almost the entire world in a day and that place is in Dubai. Global VillageDubai is a unique and extravagant mega-cultural carnival where you can enjoy the food, culture and entertainment of over 90 different countries. Divided into different pavilions, one can easily stroll around and enjoy a destination-hopping experience right inside a 1600000-square meter arena.

If you have wondered how a trip to Bosnia or India would be like, step into the pavilion and get a gist of the culture, cuisine and lifestyle of the destination. Global Village is a seasonal attraction that stays open only during the winter months of Dubai. It is a great place for food lovers as the attraction has over 200 restaurants, cafes, street stalls to tantalize your taste buds. Whether it is Italian, Greek, Moroccan, Japanese – whatever your wish is for a scrumptious meal, you will definitely find it here.

Arabian Desert Safari

The desert always feels like a hyped attraction in Dubai. Most of the visitors may even feel why to spend a day sweltering in the desert sun. However, Dubai deserts have a tranquil charisma that you have to witness to believe it. The serene solemn of the golden-hued dunes as far as the eye can see is absolutely magnificent to experience. The morning hot air ballooning experience in the desert is perfect to witness the same.

Those who love a good adventure can spend a day surfing the sand and driving wildly on dune bashing and quad biking activities. The evenings are absolutely gorgeous and a sundowner experience followed by a sumptuous BBQ Arabian dinner is all you need to unwind your Arabian sojourn. Your time spent in the Dubai desert will be the Arabian adventure to remember for a lifetime.

Hatta Mountains

A couple of hours drive east to Dubai and you leave behind the city to find yourself flanked by majestic jagged Hatta Mountains. Embark on a scenic road trip to Hatta Mountains which sets the tone for the adventure experiences to follow. Once you reach this stunning destination, soak in the views and the fresh mountain air before gearing up for an adrenaline-rushing day. Hatta mountains are great for outdoor adventures such as mountain biking, nature hikes and kayaking in the serene pools. This place is also idyllic for overnight glamping trips.


The reason for these experiences to be listed as excursions from Dubai is because each one takes you away from the usual Dubai city sights and far into another realm filled with wonders. Even though these are just a few hours away from Downtown Dubai, the change in scenery feels as if you have left the emirate behind and are on an entirely different journey. A couple of these experience makes a huge difference in a usual Dubai vacation.