Australia is one of the most highly urbanised countries in the world. As of 2018, 67% of the country’s population resides in the Greater Capital City statistical areas, particularly Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Houses in Australia are typically expensive, especially in these urban areas. Some of these cities even come under the list of the most expensive places in the world to live. The cost of living in the country also ranks high in the 2017 Cost of Living Survey by Mercer.

Despite the high prices of the residential properties, plenty of Australians are adopting a minimalist lifestyle. A report from Vague revealed that due to the influence of Netflix’s “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” documentary, people in the country started to let go of unnecessary items in their homes to declutter and maintain a tidy house.

Minimalist furniture also became a trend recently. Homeowners began to look at Scandinavian interior design for inspiration. When shopping for Scandinavian furniture in Australia, residents choose key pieces that they can use for a long time. To succeed in replicating the Scandinavian interior design at home, here are some useful tips all Australians need to know.

Experiment With Natural Light

Generally, the Scandinavian home style is famous for its use of minimalist colour schemes and comfortable accent pieces. It also involves a lot of natural light to bring the focus on the vital furniture pieces strategically placed in the rooms. So always make sure to allow natural light to enter the rooms through bare windows and sunroofs.

It also means that there should be a limit in using window treatments at home to let the light pass through. Fortunately, most areas in Australia encounter high sunshine hours throughout the year. It could provide much needed natural light to create a Scandinavian-themed home interior.

Mix Wood And Metal Fixtures

Wood elements are among the signature Scandinavian interior design styles. Aside from the wooden flooring, houses in the Nordic region also feature wooden fixtures and furniture. However, the recent trend in Scandinavian home design incorporates wooden elements with metallic finishes. They usually put brass pendants or sconces made with copper in the wood ceiling to provide light and additional accent in a minimalist space.

Combine Form And Function

When looking for Scandinavian furniture in Australia, homemakers need to look for pieces designed with a visible clean line. For example, the chairs, tables, and sofas must have a contemporary look with refined round edges. It must also feature an innovative and useful function. For instance, it is common to see Scandinavian furniture that also provides additional storage space for the home. This kind of functionality could benefit Australian households who usually have small living spaces as it can offer aesthetic values as well.

Make The House Clutter-Free

Since they are aiming for a minimalist design, Australian homeowners must always make sure that each area of the house is free from any clutter. It means that there should be no unnecessary decors lying anywhere in the room. They must also ensure that they organise the storage spaces properly. It will allow the place to look more relaxing and less cluttered.

Aiming for a Scandinavian-inspired interior in Australian homes is often easy. Homeowners only need to make sure that all the items that they will put at home are functional and visually pleasing. It will guarantee that the rooms will have fewer distractions and devoid of any unnecessary items. As a result, it will make the place a relaxing abode for everyone living in the house.

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