The attic insulation serves as much to guarantee the thermal comfort of the occupants of the house during the winter as during the summer even when the hot weather begins to appear and the atmosphere under the roof becomes stuffy. To refresh a room under the roof, you can of course implement the recommendations in case of high heat but this is not enough because in view of the negative impact that it may have on your comfort and your health, it is important to tackle the problem by insulating the heat of the roof using the appropriate materials and methods. The insulation blowers for sale will take care of the fact that windows have their role to play to maximize thermal comfort in any season.

Which insulation material should I use to insulate my roof?

Concept of phase shift

In the area of roof insulation, the notion of essential phase shift will be discussed to determine the extent to which an insulating material can delay the entry of cold or heat into the dwelling. We can also say that it is used to measure the delay of the penetration of the heat is cold due to the presence of the insulating material. The higher the phase shift, the more it can be considered that the insulating material is efficient. On the contrary, an insulating material that does not “outpour” is of poor quality because it will let in heat and cold.

You will understand that the phase shift plays a crucial role in the reduction of heat under the roof. We can speak of a good phase shift if it is 8 hours. In a particularly hot region, it is appropriate to choose a material having a phase shift of between 10 and 12 hours, which is the case of cellulose wadding but not necessarily mineral wool. It is thus easier to choose the best insulation against heat for its roof. The cellulose insulation blowers are important here.

What can promote phase shift?

A material that has a high density (the density is the weight per volume and is expressed in kg / m3) will have a greater phase shift. In a wood-frame house, it is even more important to opt for high-density materials because this frame initially has rather poor insulation. Wood wool, Rockwool and expanded perlite are the three insulators that have the highest density. You have to trust the blown insulation machine for it.

But that’s not all because there is also the thermal capacity specific to each material. The higher this heat capacity, the greater the insulating power of the material and therefore it will be less sensitive to temperature variations outside. For example, cellulose wadding has a thermal capacity three times greater than that of glass wool and will therefore give rise to a greater phase shift.

About us:- Glass wool is more effective at limiting the heat loss of the home than to prevent heat from entering. Wood wool, on the other hand, has a fairly high heat capacity. The cool insulation blowing machines are just that.

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