North India Tour

Explore the wilderness on North India tour packages, this season! The bold fauna and the beautiful flora, will hardly let you take your eyes off them. You won’t get the time to look elsewhere, so mesmerizing is this wild, you easily become a part of it. On your wild safari, India, unleash the instinctual being in you, experience your raw self and remember, an adventure awaits at every turn!

Destinations included

Ranthambore, Bharatpur, Agra, Khajuraho, Bandhavgarh, Kanha National Park are a chain of destinations that you can cover over a span of 18-19 days on your Tiger Safari India. Starting at Delhi and even ending at the same destination, your tour guide will ensure that your trip is as smooth and convenient as you hope it to be. The majestic tiger of the jungle is far different from the one you’ll see in a cage at the Zoo. The long excursions and explorations of the new cities and markets make this Safari even more interesting. Travel with a group and enjoy the thrill of spotting the tiger in the wild!

Many North India trips also offer 19 day safaris where you can spot Leopards, Rhinos, Lions and Elephants even, while traveling the breadth of North India tours.  Jodhpur- Bera- Zinabad- Gir- Rajkot- is another chain of destinations that will expose your being to natures wonderful creations, apart from the awe attracting tigers and leopards, you’ll also spot Wild boars, Otters, Sambhar, Wild dogs, Chittal Deer, flying squirrels, sloth bears, Bonnet Macquar and grey Langoor on this trip. The wealth of habitat in these forests will exceed your expectations and you are sure to return home with a satiated hunger for the wilderness.

Bird watchers

For all the bird watchers out there, we have a 13 day itinerary as you cover Corbett National Park- Nainital and Bharatpur: Keoladeo Ghana national park, to spot hundreds of species of birds. Among others, you can spot the Jungle Magpie if you are lucky enough! Starting at New Delhi and ending at Delhi, this tour also takes you via Agra during your journey. Make the most of this trip by stepping out of the hotel and exploring the new destinations! When else will you get the chance to do this?!

The wilderness of India is just like the Indian cuisine! There is a little something for everyone! Variety is the spice of life indeed, so customize your trip suiting the needs of all the travelers. The North is filled with colors, rich with culture and closer to Nature. Plains, Mountains, Deserts, Rivers, Rain forests, Valleys and Snow clad Himalayas, all make North India tour packages a Destination worth traveling! The diverse geography of the North explains the variety of innumerable species of habitation and when you go there, you’ll see it for yourself!