Know Why Engineer’s Day Is Celebrated Every Year 

engineer's day

Every year 15th September is observed as ‘Engineers Day‘ in India marking the birthday of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya. Internationally he was known for his genius in harnessing water resources. Not many people would know that world over, there are different days celebrated as engineers day. This is also important to know that all over the globe this day is celebrated on different dates. Engineers are professionals who design, test, and build the construction, process, and raw materials of the project. 

They also consider the restrictions imposed by the safety, regulation, cost, and feasibility of the project. Engineering constructs have provided a vital push for the progress of human technology, from the invention of the wheel in ancient history to the modern-day drones. Taking note of how important engineers are for the growth of our countries, nations around the world celebrate Engineer’s Day.

They play a very important role in every walk of our lives. These convert theoretical knowledge into actual products and thus make our lives more convenient. They possess versatile minds and help in filling the gap between science, technology, and the community. India’s Engineers greatly contribute to the nation’s technological and industrial growth. 


Strangely, the celebration of World Engineer’s day did not happen as a commonplace event. Instead, different nations celebrated the day in their way at different timelines of the year.

It was in 1933 that Brazil created a well-structured framework under the law for various professions, including engineering disciplines. The Pan American Engineer’s Day celebration held at the nation of Costa Rica happens on July 20th every year.

The year 1878 holds an important place in engineering history. For the very first time, an engineers’ association was formed in Croatia. Engineering students of Greece dedicate March 10th as a special day attributed to them. This day is marked as a special tribute to Sir M Visvesvaraya. Iran celebrates world engineer’s week between 19th to 25th February as a special tribute to a noted Iranian scientist.

January 22nd of every year is celebrated as Israel engineer’s day. Engineering students of Nepal uniquely celebrate Engineer’s day in the form of freedom for software usage.

Engineers week

The USA dedicates an entire week in February to Engineers week celebrations. The week is dedicated to George Washington. To settle for a collective celebration worldwide, The World Federation of Engineering Organisations or WFEO has officially declared March 4th as World Engineering Day.

Different cities celebrate this day in different methods. Engineering is a vast field with different specializations such as technical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, etc and thus different departments call for celebration in different styles. The method of celebration may also vary from company to company.

While private companies may either follow the theme or may decide their theme and government companies follow the annual theme for the Engineers’ day. This platform may offer opportunities to engineers for sharing issues faced by them while accomplishing their duties. The government and private companies can collectively select this topic, discuss amongst themselves, and come up with options to reconstruct the situation.