Roles and Responsibilities of the Elderly Homes Towards Senior Citizens

Elderly Homes

There has been a gradual increase, a paradigm shift in the development of senior citizen health care in India. To help poor elderly population, several NGOs have come up with various initiatives in order to provide a safer environment for the suffering individuals. Whether day care homes or permanent residencies, the conditions have definitely come of age.

This shows how brilliantly we have made gradual progress in the healthcare sector and still are progressing. Are you aware of the roles and responsibilities of the all such old age homes for helping out the poor and elderly? If not, here’s a brief account of what all you should be knowing.

24*7 healthcare services

The most important factor for displaced aged individuals is ensuring proper healthcare through and through. Since physical strength is at a steady decline as old people age, the more intensive care is what they need. There are employed domestic help or caregivers who constantly keep a steady watch over them providing them food and medicines as per routine, help in changing their clothes, assisting in toilet trips, ensuring adequate sleep and many other errands that they can’t do fully by themselves.

Psychosocial Evaluation

This actually precedes the aforementioned responsibility. Assessment of psychosocial needs these days is of utmost priority as various counselling sessions with the suffering aged people helps to understand their mindsets, their backgrounds, the psychological needs, how much care do they require, is there any requirement for psychiatric intervention.

This is actually quite helpful since various medical staffs, therapists and an interdisciplinary team are consulted in order to provide a justifiable outcome for the residents of an old age home.

Teaching about the rights

This is of absolute importance in today’s need. There are various cases of negligence, manhandling or gross misconduct towards the elderly parents who take refuge in old age homes. Many a time, the problem doesn’t end here. There are various legal tussles that continue till the demise of the aged parents/individuals. Therefore, educating them about their right, hiring a lawyer, etc., should be carried out by the concerned organisations. Even the latest law amendments should be duly informed.

Education of the masses

Those who are certified geriatricians working with such organisations understand the importance of awareness among the masses in order to create a safer environment. For this, educating people in the correct manner is quite important. Use of social media comes quite handy in this case as it’s a mass moving instrument.

The importance of living as a close-knit family gives moral security to the older generations as they feel safer and contented. Also, in continuation to the last point, for making them aware of their rights, how to approach if a legal issue arises, how a neighbour or a known person can help an elderly person in such a situation, etc. the onus lies on such organisations to make it easier for the citizens to know the process.

Financial Aid

Since many senior citizens who leave everything behind to take shelter in old age homes are deprived financially, the organisation does it best to provide monetary help to such persons so that they can continue with a stable life especially if and when they require medical attention.

The amount of labour taken by these organisations is tremendous. It’s not easy to help so many suffering individuals in a country that roofs 1.32 billion people. Then there are others who sponsor grandparents for their well-being even if they are neglected by the own heirs. Thus, the good work, I believe will continue till the mankind continues to exist and one day we might create a 100 per cent safe environment for every individual irrespective of age, caste, gender, race or religion.