Elderly Care Services: Why It Should Have Your Attention?

Old age is not a good time to be, at least in India. It is a time that can be very sensitive because elderly people need comfort and care to live their lives as they want to and with dignity. Patterns of behavioral abuse of the elderly are not uncommon in the country and it is shocking how many such cases make it to the newspapers every day. If elderly care services are not on your radar, perhaps it’ll be really helpful as a responsible civil that you learn more about geriatric studies and act on it. Here are real reasons why help for the elderly is something you should be thinking about and aloud.

Medical issues abound

Being young is an exciting time to be but as the body grows older, medical issues hit it more often. Medical problems crop up and some of the most common ones are hypertension, heart failure issues, diabetes, arthritis, joint pains, kidney infections and tuberculosis. These issues are hard to treat for a variety of reasons among older people.


Elder health care issues are not just about the body; it has a lot to do with the mind as well. Negligence of the young is a problematic thing in the country and something that not many people like to talk about. Neglected by children, the older generation often retreats into a shell and refuse to talk about the health issues they might be facing. The truth is that older people need affection and supervision so that they can go about their daily lives happily. When there is a laxity in understanding this need, often children come to regard them as a burden, which further causes a chasm.

Financially weak

Financial woes are something that haunt and devastate many families in India. Home support for the elderly is so important because the older generation is often left to lead a life of impoverishment. They are forced to sell off properties or transfer property rights to their children and are therefore left penniless. And the saddest thing is that these people cannot talk about their plight to others because they are frightened of being abused by their children. So they remain in despair till the end of their lives.

Work priorities of children take over

Elderly health care services are very important because the above does in no way imply that all children are the same! There are many children who want to give their parents all the love and affection they can but cannot do so because of work commitments. Many of them work in other parts of the country and the world than where their parents live and are physically not able to provide care.

All the above reasons and more should tell you how important elder health care in our country is. There are many charitable organizations working for the upliftment of the older generation. Doing a little bit can go a long way in changing the condition for the better.