For all those Microsoft enthusiasts who have planned to purchase a tablet must be aware that the company has launched Surface Book which also gives you the benefit of a laptop at the same time. You would be totally smitten by the stunning look, sleek design and the marvelous finish of the device which would surely be a matter of envy for all your peers. The internal features are even more lucrative. You will get the generation 6th core i5 processor, with 8GB RAM and almost 128 GB hard drive, which is enough to give you a top level performance as far as a tablet or laptop is concerned. Further, you will get 1TB storage in cloud where you can safely keep all your documents for your own referral without the fear of losing them.

The company has a complete understanding of what it needs to impress a customer who is in need of a portable device for his own professional or personal use. The screen size is awesome, with a 13.5 megapixel Pixel Sense Display which is surely going to make your work look better and hence you will comfortably be able to finish it off with ease. Further, S-Pen is given around 1024 pressure levels, which means you can experiment with your work without any kind of difficulty. What can be better than this? You can load any kind of professional software since the internal features are enough to be compatible with them to a great extent.

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