While highlights add dimension to your already gorgeous natural hair color, it can become a bit tricky when deciding how to touch up the roots on highlighted hair. Many salon goers wonder if you can touch up the roots at all.

First off, the answer is yes, touch up work does work on highlighted hair. There are many ways to do this, the best is to schedule an appointment with a salon-like Le Rêve Salon de Paris to have the work done professionally.

However, between hair care appointments, there are a few tricks and tips you can try to keep those roots from showing, whether you have gray or dark roots.

how to touch up roots on highlighted hair

Add a few more highlights

Whether you’re touching up the dark or gray roots in your highlighted hair, adding a few more highlights will certainly do the trick. You can do this with an at-home kit from a beauty salon or department store. Just be careful and follow the directions on the box the right way.

Add some lowlights

Since there are blond and brown strands of hair intertwined with your highlights, you can add some lowlights to even things out a bit. The lowlights work to tone down your highlights, helping them to blend in better with the dark hair.

As with highlights, these kits are available at most beauty supply stores and you need to follow the instructions on the box to a tee as well.

Brush on some hair mascara

Go to your local beauty shop or supply store and purchase some hair mascara. You brush it onto the roots of your hair to lighten them up. Hair mascara is available in a few interesting shades, so if you’re looking to live on the wild side for a bit, try a few of them on for size.

Touch up with some hair powder

Root touch-up powder is available at any beauty supply store and comes in blond, brown, gold, red, and black. You simply brush on the powder, which then sticks to your hair follicles and touches up your roots, at least until your next shower. Make sure to choose a powder that is closest to your highlights for a natural look.

Add a volumizing styling product to your arsenal of hair products

When you add volume to your dark roots, it makes them look more attractive. You can do this by adding a volumizing styling product to your arsenal of hair products for those times when you can’t get to the beauty shop for a touch-up. When you wash your hair, add the volumizing styling product of your choice to your hair, then dry your hair upside down with a blow dryer.

The result will be gorgeous and your roots won’t be noticed. This is the most natural and safest way to touch up your roots until your next appointment for a touch-up, and it works well for everyone.

Be aware

It’s important to note that you are better off going to a professional salon to have your hair colored or your roots touched up, as doing it the wrong way can end up with you damaging your hair.

These are just a few of the ways that you can touch-up your dark roots between appointments with your salon. Yes, root touch-up does work on highlighted hair, you just have to know what you’re doing to get it done.

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