The national do-not-call (DNC) registry has gained immense popularity in the past few years. More and more customers are registering themselves on this platform. Basically, DNC is an attempt where phone users get an opportunity to limit the number of telemarketing calls that they receive. As it is an initiative by the government, companies operating within the geographical boundaries of the country have to comply with them. Tens of thousands of companies, either willingly or unwillingly, had to change their way of telemarketing and incorporate this government-initiated change into their businesses.

The emergence of DNC has led to an assumption that telemarketing services have been entirely swept off its feet. Guess what? It is nothing more than an assumption! Telemarketing was, is and will always be an effective tool of reaching out to customers. In fact, the emergence of DNC has provided new opportunities to serve people better. A little change in the outlook can make telemarketing services one of the most suitable ways of connecting with customers. DNC is nothing else but customers’ way of dealing with frustrating calls. It isn’t like that customers don’t want to receive calls from companies informing them about new products and offers. Instead, customers are less tolerant of scripted and impersonalized failed attempts to sell something forcefully. There is a difference between the two and companies need to understand this variance in order to reap out the maximum out of their telemarketing services campaign. There are few ways in which organizations can successfully allure their customers, even if they have registered themselves in the DNC category. Sounds like a dream? Well, have a look at the points mentioned below to get a secret path to calling in the DNC world!

Calling the right people:

It is extremely important to identify your target market in advance and reach out to only those people who are in actual need of your product. Your offering should be solving a particular need and you must target only those people who have that need. It can’t be emphasized enough how crucial it is to call the right people with the right offer. If you are successful in segmenting and mass customizing your product, according to data and customers’ requirements, your product would be appealing and this will automatically make your whole telemarketing services campaign a hit.

Reason for a call from a customer’s perspective:

Many telemarketing calls end within a few seconds since the beginning. The reason for this is quite understandable. These calls lack a reason from the customer’s perspective. In other words, customers aren’t able to reap any value from these calls and that is why they choose to hang up within a few seconds in the conversation. In order to impart quality telemarketing services, it is vital to ensure that the content, style, and substance of the call is high in value. Only then the customer would choose to continue on call and you will be able to get a favorable outcome.

Constructing an appeasing offer:

You need to offer something valuable which is able to get a customer’s attention. If your company is offering the same product and services like everyone else, seldom would a customer choose you over others. Offering a little something extra will not only help you appease customers but would aid you in fighting competition and gain a favorable competitive edge. You need to ensure that the extra which you are offering solves a particular issue of customers. You must ensure that your offer caters to another need of customers. This will help you in making more sales.

Use the golden rule of sales:

Let’s get back to the basis, the golden rule of sales: Do not do to others what you don’t want to be done to you. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Before finalizing lists, call guides and representatives just remember this one simple rule. Just imagine if you were on the list would you want to receive that call and is it solving the need. If your answer is a “NO” keep working till the time it doesn’t get converted into an honest “YES”.

The existence of DNC would seldom have any impact on your telemarketing strategies if you happen to follow the aforementioned tips. It is crucial to segment and models your key offering according to the target market’s needs and if you are able to successfully do that, your customers would be delighted to receive a call from you.