A career in Accounting is a promising career option for those who seek to work in banking, corporate finance, consulting or forensic accounting. A qualification in accounting opens the doors to numerous professions, offers stability and also entrepreneurial potential. The question is – how to go about it?

Initiate the first step by earning a qualification from the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) for a career in accountancy. AAT is UK’s certified professional body for new accountants which offers a variety of courses for learning about finance administration, bookkeeping and ethical practices for accountants.

If you have just finished school and are interested in a career in finance or accounting, then opting AAT online course would be a great choice. Comprising of three levels, the AAT online course explores different aspects of accounting and has no mandatory entry requirements, which makes it ideal for recent college graduates, school pass outs and people looking forward to change careers.

Here are a few qualifications which would help your accounting career:

AAT Foundation Level 2 Certificate

This qualification is a great option for those who are new to the field of accounting and also those who are working in this field but lack a professional qualification to support it. This course offers an introduction into bookkeeping, learning accounting software, costing and building business and communication skills.

AAT Foundation Level 3 Certificate

This qualification should be pursued by students above 19 with good amount of accounting experience and competent in Foundation Certificate & double-entry bookkeeping.It prepares you for taking job roles as Payroll Supervisor, Accounts Clerk and Assistant Accountant.

AAT Foundation Level 4 Certificate

With proficiency in the basic and advanced level, this Professional Diploma course will prepare you for a senior role or even help you in starting your own accountancy practice. This course will help gain understanding of how to manage budgets, evaluate financial performance, preparing financial statements. It also offers insight into business tax, external auditing, treasury management and credit management.


One of the most highly acclaimed Chartered Accountancy bodies globally, it has 500,000 members and students across 170 countries. This qualification is designed as per international accounting and auditing parameters and IFAC compliant. This course prepares you to gain specialisation in finance, accounting, strategy and organisational management.


This body offers certification and training in management accountancy which helps you understand financial reporting and taxation, project and relationship management, organisational management and management accounting. This qualification helps those who are looking forward to pursue strategy-based roles as financial or commercial analyst.

Through apt qualification and certification in Accounting, it is easy to work towards senior roles in the field of finance, management and strategy with high salary & important responsibilities.