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Corporate and Startup Life

Difference Between A Corporate and Startup Life

The Corporate and the Startup life are way apart when we think in terms of work culture. The paradigm shift in the work culture with the burst of the stock market bubble in 2008 brought about a major shift in the way we used to work. A whole new concept came into existence with the coming of the 2008 crisis and led to the inculcation of a whole new style of working. The startup boom though still had time to reveal itself in its full bloom but small individual businesses had started establishing themselves till this stage. And the concept of shared office space seemed to be a perfect blend for these small businesses.

With the huge expanse of difference between the two concepts actually brought about the development of a whole new work culture which was in total contrast to the black and white, straight-jacketed work mechanism. The startup culture was not just more affordable but also with time developed a new style of work in itself. And some of the major differences between startup and corporate are as follows:

The Work Culture:

The work ethic and work culture that a Startup represents is in total contrast to the Corporate. The relaxed timing and the casual work principles make the startup system more flexible in terms of providing an employee with space to innovate and discover new opportunities for the team and themselves.

Corporate and Startup Life

Corporates, on the other hand, work through ‘protocol’, there is a whole value chain one needs to follow-up through the hierarchal set-up and the in-closed private office space makes the style of work more confidential and less collaborative due to lack of interspersing of departments or teams.

Why Startups have inculcated an ecosystem?

The Startups against Corporates have indoctrinated a value chain which represents an ecosystem that works through supporting one another whereas the latter due to they’re already well established built-up are do not require any kind of collaboration to establish alliances and render business collaborations.

Therefore, the startup ecosystem works through a collaborative prerogative where everyone works together in order to achieve short-term goals as well as long-term goals. The constant support that the ecosystem provides to one another enables and empowers each other and this support is an invaluable part of the ecosystem.

The Approach When it comes to running?

Small businesses and Startups run on Agile mode, every small business or initial stage startup has to go through or follow the Lean strategy and that is why the co-works become the best place for them to set-up their businesses and work out their business model.

With Corporates everything is already set and smoothly running, all the designations etc. are incorporated in place and running with a mechanism that is fully operational and do not really require a major transformation but these organizations are building on R&D cells which is a very similar set-up when it talks in terms of seeking innovative approach under the industry prerequisite. So, they too are not missing out due to their large framework but have inculcated the innovative approach in their own way.

The Choice To Be Creative

The one and the most important aspect that features in the ecosystem of shared office spaces in the open approach where everyone can utilize their creative side. Greater responsibility and even better hardcore industry experience can be seen to have established under the co-work model and that is the one thing that makes the ecosystem the opulent in its existence.