Know about Cert 3 and Cert 4 Aged Care & Difference Between

Today everyone is running after the most coveted professions like Doctor, Engineer, and many more. But many of them do not get their respective job due to the competitive environment and lack of skills. Thus there is a need to look for the professions which are different from these. One such is the aged care sector in which a person can contribute a lot in his/her life and earn a good income for the family.

This is one of the best professions where get to work for the grass-root level and the satisfaction which a person will get is unparalleled. But the question arises which program one should join in order to get into this profession. Here you can find all about Cert 3 and Cert 4 Aged Care and their differences.

Cert 3 and Cert 4 Aged Care

About Cert 3 and Cert 4 Aged Care

There are two certificate aged care courses, Adelaide; to enter this profession namely certificate 3 and certificate 4.Certificate 3 is for the individual support while certificate 4 is for the aged care. Thus one needs to choose any one of these to learn the skill required to enter this area.

1. Certificate 3:

This is the certificate course for providing individual support. It is a nationally recognized program in which can be joined by the youth who want to serve the aged people by being a caretaker. This program has various modules dealing with aged people and their handling. After the successful completion of this course, one can work as a community care agent or an assistant in nursing or medical help.

This cert 3 individual support is not only bound to the theoretical knowledge, in fact, but it gives practical exposure to all the fellow learners. It is an extensive program consisting of 8 modules. The learners will get to know some of the finest things about the elders and will be taught in a systematic manner about how to treat and respect elders.

The energy that this program will fill in the youngsters is phenomenal. This cert 3 in aged care is just the minimum requirement to get an entry in the field of the aged care sector and to get a livelihood. It is worth noting that people in the aged sector can earn as well can get the utmost satisfaction in order to live happily. Here the fee of the program is quite affordable and the course is of short duration. After learning this program one will work with a group of diverse backgrounds and capabilities. Like-minded people will be your colleague and it will just keep you moving.

2. Certificate 4:

It is another program that ranks in the category of the aged care sector. This program is an aged care accreditation course which gives a chance to the youth to work for the old aged people who are thrown out of their family by their children and is thus one of the heart touching profession of today’s world.  Thus it will give a chance to the people to serve the old aged people in the area of health care as well. This program is basically the next level of certificate 3 and thus is of paramount importance to enhance the skills in this sector.

This advanced-level course will not only enhance your knowledge but also make you more capable to do the work at hand with great ease. Certificate 4 in aged care will make people more employable in case of getting a sustainable job in the aged care sector. There are various modules being covered in this program such as handling of old aged people with care, assisting them, and taking care of them.

This is not an ordinary program. It consists of 15 modules where learning becomes quite easy and affordable. It enables people to get supervision work so that one can get a hold of the work well. Proper training of First aid is provided to all the aspirants in order to have practical exposure in case of an emergency. It facilitates support for elderly people for society and this is one of the best programs in the sector of old aged.


Thus it is a brief review of both the aged care training courses which a person should choose in order to learn some of the skills which are required in today’s world. It will give an opportunity to all the youngsters to learn some creative skills in the field of the aged sector and support hundreds of needy ones.

One can offer one’s love and support to these old aged people and make them their best friends. One of the major advantages that are linked with this sector is that youth will get to learn from the experiences of old people. This one will highly get benefited from this unique learning program and will lead a happy and satisfying life in the long run. In fact, it is a must for all those looking after working for others.