What are Dentures? Its Types and Reasons for Loosing Teeth
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When we grow old, we start losing our teeth. Losing teeth is often associated with old age but, not necessarily always. Tooth loss can happen at young or middle age also due to several reasons. Accidents and serious injury to the face and towards chin portion can cause permanent damage to teeth and cause them fall out, to never grow back again.

Dentures will be required by such people, who lost teeth and is now experiencing several issues like bite and chewing troubles. Dentures are false teeth. But you cannot find the denture without the help of a dentist because they will examine your teeth and they will fix the denture according to your dental settings. Even sometimes, they can also design the false teeth according to your needs and fix the denture accordingly.

What are Dentures?

Dentures or false teeth can be defined as prosthetic devices, which are constructed to replace missing teeth and they get supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. In brief, they are artificial teeth worn by people who do not have their own teeth.

What are the Reasons for Losing Teeth in Humans?

Humans are not born with the tooth. After they are 6 months or 8 months old, they slowly start developing teeth. Then after coming to a certain age, their milk teeth all start falling off one by one over a course of time, and then again a new set of teeth develop. This set of teeth or any of teeth if falls out then the gap cannot be filled by nature. Our human body mechanism does not allow re-growth of such tooth again.

  • Old age is the main and primary reason for tooth loss in maximum people.
  • Periodontal disease and Tooth decay are two other reasons for complete tooth loss or any from the set.
  • Trauma like being involved in a serious accident causing severe injury on the face, which caused tooth loss.
  • It is very rare, but pregnant ladies might experience tooth loss. It is among rare cases though.
  • Malnutrition and lack of essential nutrients from the daily diet for a long span of time might cause poor dental health, resulting from tooth loss.
  • Use of drugs can also be responsible for tooth decay and eventually tooth loss in humans. Alcohol too is extremely detrimental to dental health.
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How Many Types of Dentures and What are They?

Dentures or False Teeth are of two main types. One is Partial Dentures and the other being Complete Dentures. Both these types are selected by people, as per their own preference and requirements.

  1. Partial Dentures– These can again be sub-divided into removable partial dentures and fixed partial dentures. Removable ones are suitable for people who are missing some of their teeth on a particular arch. Fixed partial dentures of crown and bridge are made from crowns that get fitted on the remaining teeth. They are made from materials resembling the missing teeth.
  2. Complete Dentures– These are worn by people who are missing all of the teeth in a single arch, like for example the maxillary (upper) or mandibular (lower) arch. If a person is missing teeth in both arches, then also this denture type is best for her or him.

For more information regarding these dentures you can consult with your dentist. Sometimes after wearing the denture, people can find some difficulty in their gums and they cannot chew and consume hard foods. In this case, people can consult with the dentist on the emergency basis and they can replace the denture according to their needs.

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