The changing of the seasons brings with it the promise of summer – heat and humidity, long nights and holiday celebrations. This period can sneak up on you and you may find yourself sweltering in surprise that it has arrived. There are a few things you want to think about each year with these changes in order to be able to make these transitions as soon as you realize it.

What to Wear

The heat of summer often makes it too uncomfortable to continue wearing sweaters and scarves. Instead, it is time to find bathing suits, hats, shorts, and t-shirts. You may buy from a military clothing store to emphasize your patriotism, or you may rummage through yard sales to show off your community spirits.

What to Eat

Summer can be a great time to pivot your eating habits. On the healthier side, salads made from vegetables grown in your own garden can be a delicious meal along with backyard grilling. Meanwhile, backyard barbecues are a crowd-favorite with roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for s’mores.

Where to Go

Summer vacation for the school calendar and retirees can feel like it drags on forever, but for anyone who needs to work throughout the year, it can be more difficult to squeeze in the time for a big adventure. Fortunately, weekend camping trips, midweek evenings at the lake, and a weeklong trip to a nearby state can all be great ways of making the most of your time.

It may feel like winter lasts forever and thus can allow the change in seasons to be a sudden but welcome surprise. Sometimes preparations for these changes may have to be done on a pivot, but with a good idea of how you want your next season to go you can enjoy the changing weather and longer days.

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