If you have many small cardboard boxes lying around the home you can use these for exciting things. The box maybe one from some shipment or something you brought. These types of boxes are able to pile up fast. Companies use these boxes to transport their products in or may use them to keep their items safe inside. They are used as packaging for businesses. You may then break these down moreover take them to some recycling center. You can now think about doing something creative with these. Read on to find out creative things that you can do with a small cardboard box.

Make repurposed belted storage totes

Using these small boxes you can make pretty totes to store your items in. Simply cover the box using fabric. After this add an old belt that you have for the handle. It is simple to make these and they also look pretty. These are wonderful for all kinds of organizing. You can organize craft supplies, kids’ toys, magazines, etc. in these. When you have finished making this tote, no one will know that you used a small empty box made from cardboard for these.

Apartment or room door number

For those who live in some apartment building, it is possible to turn your old cardboard box into an attractive number for the door. It is not a good idea to use this for a house as the cardboard will not be able to hold up properly to the elements. If you make it for your apartment door, it is really easy. They even look elegant if you make them in this way. You can simply print off the numbers which you wish to employ. You can choose different fonts and colors that will look good. If you are good at art then you can freehand them in an attractive way.

Decoupage cardboard trays

If you need to make small decoupage cardboard trays then consider using your small cardboard box for this. These trays can be employed for everything like jewelry, etc. They can be for things that you wish to store. On top of this, they are even really easy to make. It is not even compulsory to have some tray. It can be made fully with upcycled cardboard. Simply shape and form the tray plus cover with scrapbook paper, some fabric of your choice, or anything that you want to use to decorate this.

 Repurposed drawer dividers

You can keep dresser drawers organized in a perfect way with the help of dividers. These can be made from some empty cardboard boxes. Pieces of cardboard from a small box can be used to separate your socks as well as all kinds of other things. You can keep these simple to make drawers perfectly organized. Simply mark then cut the cardboard so that those perfectly fits within the drawers moreover remains tight enough so as to not fall over. You will have your things organized perfectly only with the help of your old, small cardboard box.

Upcycled cardboard lantern

These are made using upcycled Cardboard Boxes by My Box Packaging. They look similar to real lanterns at the time that they are completed. If you want you can even place LED lights to them so as to provide them with a nice little glow. It is better to stay away from candles because this is cardboard. The lanterns can make a wonderful display for the holidays and anytime when you wish to add some style.

Recycled cardboard vase

If you have corrugated cardboard boxes that you no longer need you can make a recycled cardboard vase with this. You will also need an old CD, along with some other supplies. Begin by cutting the cardboard. This should be into small strips. Layer this around the tube. Your CD will behave like a base moreover aids the vase in standing up. At the time that it is finished, you will get a wonderful vase which can be painted or simply left plain. You can put in silk flowers or also real ones, simply slip some small glass or maybe vase down particularly into the tube.

A cat scratching post

If you have a pet cat then you will know that cats love to scratch. Why not have a scratching post to help them out? If you do not have some scratching post then the cat will probably scratch walls plus furniture. You can take your empty boxes and create a useful scratching post. In this way, you will be using the boxes and also saving your furnishings. It is possible to make one using corrugated cardboard. Save money with this. The cat may also love it.

Decorative cardboard box

You can make a creative decorative box that looks beautiful by using a plain cardboard box. This can be made to look really gorgeous. It is lovely that you can even display it.

This can be a wonderful gift box. It can even be used as a decoration in the bedroom or also a bathroom. It is rather easy to make. It will not take much time to do t

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