Strategies for Cracking CLAT and other LLB Entrance Examinations

Every year a whole lot of aspirants appear for CLAT and other LLB entrance examinations. But to crack these examinations it requires a good understanding of every technical ground related to law and also a good hold on English. Also having a good knowledge of the current affairs, ongoing events in the world and the newly implemented laws and acts is important in appearing for these exams.


An LLB entrance exam tests an aspirant on five major areas: English, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge including current affairs, Elementary Mathematics and Legal Aptitude. Here are a few important strategies to prepare well before the examinations.

1. Take Help from Coaching Institutes-

CLAT is a national level entrance exam so it requires a high level of preparation than the other university-level LLB entrance exams. CLAT coaching institute helps the aspirants to prepare well in specific areas as the exam is at the national level and the competition is huge. Different LLB coaching institutes provide study materials and train the aspirants according to the course content of the law examinations.

2. Section-wise Preparation Strategies-

As mentioned before, different sections of the CLAT and other LLB entrance examinations include English, General Knowledge, Mathematics, Legal Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning. Every section requires different strategies for preparation.

  • English- This section tests the aptitude of an aspirant in English grammar and comprehension. Expand vocabulary on a daily basis from every possible source. Regular reading of magazines and newspapers which covers contemporary events helps to build a good vocabulary. Understand the meaning and usage of words properly. For the comprehension part, a good habit of reading newspapers is needed.
  • General Knowledge/Current Affairs- GK has the highest weight of marks in any law entrance examinations. Follow a good newspaper that covers the news on international economic, finance and trade-related issues and also similar developments in the UN and its agencies, World Bank, IMF, etc. For the static GK, partly follows popular books available in the market.
  • Logical Reasoning- This section tests the aspirants’ problem-solving ability and logical thinking. So, practice and practice is the only way to master this section.
  • Mathematics- The same goes for this section also. It tests an aspirant’s understanding of elementary mathematics up to 10th. Get a stronghold on the fundamental and basic topics. For getting through this section only practicing can help.
  • Legal Aptitude- This is the only section which is new for a law aspirant. An experienced CLAT or LLB mentor can give a good guide to an aspirant for getting a good score. This section requires speed, so practicing is important.

3. Solve Previous Years Question Papers-

Practicing with the help of the previous year’s question papers can help in getting an idea about the pattern and type of questions asked in each section. The previous year’s question papers are available in the websites and also books.

4. Time Management-

Time management is an important tool for cracking LLB entrance examinations. Do not spend too much time on attempting a question which is tough instead move over to the next one.

No exam is tough to crack. But it takes only an effective strategy, right study materials and guidance and a lot of hard work to crack it. Only then success can be yours.

This author is a mentor at a CLAT coaching institute. He provides varied information to the aspirants who are interested in taking law entrance examinations and guides them to take the right LLB coaching institutes.