Siding is an important addition to your house and your home will not be perfect without it. When you are renovating your house or even building it from scratch you need to pay attention to every little detail to get an outlook people will awe at. The right color scheme with everything just adding to the décor of the house will be what you want. When you look at your options for siding you will find many in the market. The most common among the siding options is the wood siding. While many argue about its advantages here you will be provided reasons why you shouldn’t be getting it but if those things aren’t your priority, well the decision is always yours.



Although wood siding gives a beautiful look but the cost to achieve it is quite handsome. It is considered one of the most expensive sidings. You might overlook the cost or consider it fine in the long run if you wish to stay in that home for a long time or if other sidings would fail in the location you live in. If the duration for which you will be in that house is less it is better you don’t put in too much money for something you might not be able to cherish for long.



It is a fact that to make things last long they need to be maintained in a good way. But with wood sidings a lot of maintenance is required. Wood sidings need to re-stain after every 3-7 years. Another issue related with wood sidings is the growth of mold or mildew. This is often the result of avoiding small problems since those in turn breeds ground for the growth of mold since wood starts to rot. If wood begins to rot and the damage becomes more you will have no option other than having it replaced which as defined is a process which requires a lot of money. To avoid this issue the simple procedure you can follow is have regular checks and routine maintenance. With wood comes the issue of gnawing. Pests and small animals are programmed to gnaw the wood. If you have wood siding you will have to be aware of this and take necessary precautions. For this you have to have targeted inspection. These animals can dig up a hole of almost 3.5 cm. If you are unlucky enough to find one fill the hole as soon as you can. This is the case for when the animal is no longer in the house. If you suspect that the culprit is still in your house you will have to call the contractor and get it out since if you fill the hole when this is the case the animal will stay there and cause further damage. A professional is needed for this purpose.


Since you are now aware of the issues related to wood siding you can easily make the right choice for your home. When you have siding contractors in downriver MI is where you should be contacting for getting the work done.

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