Comodo Cracks The Top Product Tag In AV-Test

Top Product Tag In AV-Test

AV-Test evaluated 18 home user security products using their default settings. The trend is like they use the most current publicly-available version of all products for the testing. While submitting the programs for a test they are allowed to update themselves at any time.

AV-Test is primarily focused on realistic test scenarios and the product is challenged by real-world threats. Products have to go under rigorous criteria to demonstrate their capabilities using all components and protection layers.

Quality of protection

Having clocked all criteria and measures for the test, Comodo finally made it to the “Top Product” list. The AV-Test recognizes the quality of Comodo Internet Security protection & the detection scores were 100% above the industry average. The product scored 17.5/18.

Top Product Tag In AV-Test

The award also recognizes the niche Comodo has carved for itself in the AV industry, on its offering better protection with less of a drain on system resources. The efficacy of the Comodo Internet Security is in its multi-layered security application, which keeps hackers out and removes viruses and malware in Windows OS.

Top Product Tag In AV-Test

“The Top Product” is awarded to Comodo Internet Security confirms that the product has improved its presence and relevance in the antivirus industry. It attests to the fact that the company continues to make great strides and managed well, people look up to it. Comodo will always want to share its success.

Top Product Tag In AV-Test

Lightest AV product

Comodo prides itself as the only Company that comes with the lightest AV product, and for this reason, all organizations, no matter the size they are, can use it.

Antivirus software is effective in killing malware and spam, leaving you in peace for a good night’s sleep.

Being adjudged as the best AV programs one of the associates says “That’s no surprise, but many don’t know that Comodo Internet Security has continued to make great strides — and has absolutely topped the charts after struggling for many years. The company adds “In achieving this, the protection and the detection scores were 100% above industry average, and we made it.”