Commercial Farming 101: How to Keep Costs Manageable at Your Farm

If you have even one small acre of land to work with, you can make money as a farmer.

Not convinced? 

Use these commercial farming tips to yield high profits for your land of any size and keep costs low. The agricultural business can be a great place to experiment with innovation, just try one of these tips today! 

Rent Your Space 

Does your farm have a barn or empty field? Consider using it as an event venue for guests to rent out. From weddings to small gatherings or dinner parties, you can make extra revenue in just one night. 

Glamping or “glamorous camping” is a trendy way for city-dwellers to get outdoors. Use Air Bnb or another platform to rent camping spaces on your property. Easy peasy! 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

The best way to keep costs low on your farm is to use and reuse what you already have. This prevents you from dipping into your farming budget for agribusiness expenses. 

For example, if you’re not making your own compost to improve the health of crops, start doing it! It’s as easy as throwing your food scraps or rotten produce in a pile behind your farmhouse. With some easy maintenance, you can use that soil to fertilize your crops. 

Check out the USDA’s website for more resources on how to get started with composting. 

If you have chickens, give them the produce you can’t sell. Eating food scraps is a cheap way to give chickens a nutritional diet, plus you can sell the eggs for more if you advertise how healthy they are! 

Plant More Seeds

Even if you’re predominantly a dairy farmer, soy farmer, or corn farmer, you can integrate small beds of other plants onto your property to make extra money. 

Plus, having a diverse array of plants on your property encourages pollinators to visit and keeps the entire farm running healthily! 

You can grow mushrooms to sell at farmers’ markets, plants to create tea products, or fresh herbs for cooking. 

Start Beekeeping 

Did you know that honeybees provide more than 80% of pollination word wide? Bees are crucial to keeping our food supply safe!

While beekeeping may have a startup cost, it’s a great way to bring healthy pollinators to your farm and improve the nutrition of your crops. Bees are great for the planet overall! 

Plus, you can harvest their honey to sell as a side hustle. Bee farming costs can be negated with a few seasons of delicious honey to sell. 

Monitor Your Equipment 

Stop wasting excess energy by maintaining your equipment and unplugging it when not in use or when fully charged. 

When you need new equipment, make sure you use this guide to inform your purchasing. Picking the best agricultural equipment isn’t hard when you have the right tools! 

Commercial Farming Tips and Tricks

Which of these commercial farming hacks can you implement today? Over time, you’ll not only save money, you’ll make some too! 

Commercial farming operations may be siloed into a particular cash crop, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for innovation. Try these upgrades to make your farm a more sustainable and lucrative place.