As it may seem, when nothing in Germany can be lower than Angela Merkel’s rating, but for the quality of American beer:

As the mass media has it, certain advisors for presidential campaign of the US Democratic Party member Hillary Clinton are now actively taking part in Angela Merkel’s election campaign for the post of Chancellor from the CDU/CSU faction.

History has proven that the elections, irrespective of their level, always divide politicians into two groups: the ones with money and administrative leverage, and the ones with brains. The former blindly pay huge money to PR technologists, the latter rely on their own charisma and thinking out-of-the-box. By the way, the latter become more and more rare in modern politics.

As a rule, the work of the hired creative staffers stays unseen. They either get their candidate elected and stay in ‘business’, or quit ingloriously if they fail. It’s hard to say what the point of Ms. Chancellor was when she decided to hire Clinton’s advisors, for, in case the petition puts it right, Merkel has entrusted her image and the election campaign to a team of has-beens. It’s like staking on a horse that broke its spine in the previous race.

What can you remember Clinton’s presidential campaign by? Nothing. Of course if you don’t count creative that skit with NYC Mayor who allegedly allowed himself a petty racist joke at the Inner Circle dinner but was promptly called down on public by Ms. Hillary who certainly created a new world record in rolling eyes at that moment. Apparently, the authors of this ‘idea’ believed that right after this sketch Clinton was meant to become the second most popular wigger after Eminem among the blacks. Later in an interview to CNN, de Blasio acknowledged that his racist joke was a scripted show, and it had to be Clinton alright to remark on him. Oh, right, there also was humorous live dab by Clinton. It’s a pity that most dab doers are not old enough to vote; it will take them three or four years to grow up to the voting age to be able to make any influence on political life in their country. Why, everyone could see that Hillary Clinton was a trendy candidate. It did not grow into something bigger.

Unfortunately, we can only guess what creative ideas these advisors have in stock for Ms. Merkel. As far as I understand, in case Chancellor in Germany were elected by people, one may consider Merkel to be a totally lame duck right away.

At this moment, I imagine it like this: