Who doesn’t like to seek shiny floor in their home? After all, the very reason we get marble fitted on our floors is that it looks beautiful and stays cool. Terrazzo is one of the forms of marble floors too. It’s formed by creating marble chips with epoxy-based binders. About 70% of the exposed floor area is again covered with marble chips before the final layer is set down. This gives the floor a smooth appeal and an elegant finish. At the same time, terrazzo floors are also meant t stand the test of time.

However, you just cannot leave the time to do all the marble floor cleaning work too. After a while, terrazzo floors get dirty too. This then comes down on you to look after the flooring and make it appear smooth and shiny as before. But, with every cleaning job, you will find that the floor will lose its shine. Just how did that happen?

Marble floor cleaning

Look for professional support

Marble floor cleaning professionals can always tell just how exactly your floor has to be cleaned. They can help you regain the shine on your floor in no time. You just have to discuss with them how you wish to get the work done, what your budget is, and how big your property is. They will take care of everything else for you, while also keeping you posted on the status on a regular basis.

How it’s done

It isn’t really an easy task to clean up terrazzo flooring if they have been stained and unclean for too long. Luckily, there are techniques that can be implemented to repair the damaged floor and make it look virtually new yet again. Technology does have a big role to play here to make marble floor cleaning look like a simpler task.

Restoring the floor

  • Prepare the area first. This begins with removing everything, from rugs to carpets to anything else you have there over it. Use waterproof covering on the edges of the walls touching the floor. Then pour a layer of water on the floor.
  • Install the surface grinder and turn it on. Start moving it slowly on the surface. You will notice the water turning muddy after a few minutes. Continue with the process until the entire floor is covered. After a few minutes switch to medium grit. Clean it with water and vacuum, and then repeat the procedure over leftout areas.
  • If you notice some patches use the grinder to smoothen the surface.
  • Polish the floor to give the terrazzo floor its old shine back.
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