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Cigisped Yacht transport by sea: how can you tell if it’s been done safely?


What are the differences, in terms of safety, between professional and amateur yacht transport by sea?

Yacht transport by sea is – undoubtedly – one of the most complex and difficult services that a boat transport company will come up against. This task requires special transport, as well as many professionals who must be – as you can imagine – extremely competent. Besides extensive, real-life experience within the sector, here is everything that a yacht transfer by sea service needs in order to be able to guarantee both the safety of the yacht and successful transport that is free from any nasty surprises.


Preparing preliminary transport paperwork

In order to ensure that yacht transport by sea goes off without a hitch, the shipper should see to securing the vessel before the yacht transfer by sea even takes place. Generally speaking, this holds true for all boats, and thus also for large or luxury ships, such as yachts. First and foremost, the personnel must ensure that the yachts are not bigger than the standard dimensions that are typical of conventional convoys.

Personnel must also examine the condition of the yacht to check that there are no issues that could make transporting it dangerous. We consider any possible damage that could have occurred, destruction or wear to a certain part, for example. What’s more, the shipper must comply with all the preliminary paperwork for handling yacht transport by sea.


Authorization for yacht transport by sea

Moreover, boat transfer by sea can be considered as being flawless only if it provides everything required to acquire all the necessary administrative authorisations, in addition to the preliminary assessment of the route. Anyone intending to turn to boat transport by sea professionals would, therefore, do well to check that they will see to all the preliminary steps mentioned and described above, before continuing with the actual transport, including examining the conditions of the yacht before it is loaded onto the ship.


Implementing suitable safety systems 

So that the yacht transport by sea goes off without a hitch, some shippers make use of cradles that come in all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, which are suitable for all kinds of boats. These cradles – made with the help of the shipyards and specialist nautical surveyors – mean that a yacht transport by sea service can be offered that is not only comprehensive, yet also carried out in complete safety.


Using large tools 

After the vessel has been loaded by the yacht transport by sea service, it must be transported safely, even if it is an exceptional load, right to the delivery address that you have specified. In the latter instance, it will be lifted onto a truck with an adjustable flooded compartment. Additional measures will also have to be taken.

If yacht dimensions require it, special ships can be used, known as Lift-on/lift-off, which come with specialised equipment. Some companies that offer yacht transport by sea also load the vessels on semi-submersible ships. These come with interesting features, which allow the mega-yachts to float into the cargo hold independently, before being secured, out of the water, on-board.


Insurance for yacht transport by sea 

A yacht transport by sea service that claims to ensure the safety of the vessel must have bespoke insurance coverage included in the contract. Insurance guarantees against fire, damage, theft or any other issues that may occur to the yacht during transport.


Yacht transport by sea is no laughing matter 

This is a delicate operation and if it is done without the necessary precautions and the utmost diligence, then serious damage can occur. The costs involved in purchasing a yacht are extremely high, we know this all too well. That’s why you’re better off entrusting your vessel to serious and skilled professionals within the sector.