CIGISPED: Shipping ships in Busan

How does shipping of ships and boats take place to and from Busan, South Korea, on our economy?

Shipping in Busan, a city in South Korea, also known as Pusan, has become one of the most requested services in recent years. Busan is the largest port city in this region and, with its population of 3,650,000, is South Korea’s second most populous city after the Seoul capital. This city has had a rapid process of economic growth and unsustainable integration into the world economy.

Today, the economy of this country is so evolved that it is considered one of the four “Asian tigers”. Development began after the Korean War, this time when per capita GDP was at the same level as the poorest countries in Africa and Asia. Today, wanting to make a comparison, South Korean GDP per capita is about 23 times that of North Korea and this country is at the highest level among the more developed economies of the European Union.


Some good reason to favor the transport of ships to Busan

Shipping in Busan is a great opportunity to enter into business with a country so advanced economically. Just think of South Korea’s progress in technology: Samsung’s South Korean company, for example, is the world’s largest electronics retailer, while LG Electronics is the third global mobile phone manufacturer.

MS Oasis of the Seas, the largest passenger ship known to the world, is produced by the South Korean company STX Europe, while at the automotive level, Hyundai Kia Automotive Group is the first profit maker and fourth for units sold to the world. It is therefore understandable that shipping in Busan can also bring great benefits to our country’s economy. The benefits and benefits of shipping are many: among them the great range of transport vehicles used, the reduction of service costs and economic convenience combined with a reduced environmental impact. By sea transport special containers are used for which large ocean voyages of heavy and bulky commodities can be carried out in no time and without causing the yearly traffic problem on roads and highways.


Transport ships: the economy moves around the world

Transport to Busan is thus a good alternative to the extensive rail network of sea and air links, which, of course, in this country still do not lack. In fact, Busan has a dense metropolitan network and several roads that are different from highways and state roads.
However, just this dense presence of buses, trains, taxis and vans, even of disproportionate size on the ground network, makes travels within South Korea not always fast, cheap and avant-garde as it would be.

Here’s another reason to take advantage of the sea by transporting ships to Busan, a convenient choice in many ways, as long as you rely on shipping companies that are really valid, competent, avant-garde and operating all over the world.


How to promote shipping ships in Busan 

Promoting shipping to Busan today is possible thanks to some Italian companies that provide integrated logistics services that effectively cover any transport needs. Worldwide companies, such as CIGISPED srl, have a wide and complex commercial and operational structure of agents and correspondents able to provide prompt and timely response to any need of shipping ships to Busan by sea.

Each shipment is directly followed at all stages of shipping by ship, no passage excluded. This dense organization provides customers with benefits in terms of cost and time management by leveraging all the resources that sea-going provides to industry operators.
Shipments, whether in import or export, are veru well-timed for Busan. Our entire economy benefits from this, which sees boats moving from one side to the other without being confined to Europe alone. Because a boat is not just, a reminder, a way of travelling … but also and above all a powerful way to convey the whole world trade.