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A possibly complicated but not impossible task: here’s how to ship a boat from Holland to Italy today.

Anyone wishing to ship their boat around the globe can do it. Although it would seem difficult, even shipping a boat from Holland in Italy, to make an example, is a completely feasible operation. Yet the Netherlands, we know, is certainly not around the corner. The transport sector has achieved performance today at unbelivable levels, but there is still no clarity as to what the operations of carrying a yacht from Holland to Italy have to be guaranteed.

In fact, legislation is between these two very countries is very different and not all companies operating in the industry have real skills and qualifications to carry out the movements in total safety and punctuality. Given that there are industry leaders in the sector that can carry yachts of very large size and even of container nothing less than air, it really makes it possible to choose the best. To do this we need to answer – that’s what we will follow – to the most common questions a user poses when he has to carry a boat from Holland to Italy.


What does it take to get a boat from Holland to Italy?

Obviously, before choosing a team able to carry a yacht from Holland to Italy, it is necessary to evaluate the reason why handling is needed. In fact, there are really many reasons: for pleasure, for travel, for work. Common denominator for all sea transport is the integrated logistics service. In the case of container transport, it will be necessary to choose a company that can guarantee warehousing and logistics services, container storage, and storage of goods.

However, if yachts are to be transported, a valid transport company will first provide the boat’s expertise and supervision. Then it will guarantee the yacht an adequate thermoplastic covering and the use of cradles. In all cases of shipping a boat from Holland to Italy, there should be an adequate insurance coverage.


How does it affect agents on the globe?

Relying on a company that has a dense network of agents spread around the globe can only make a difference even if a boat is transported from Holland to Italy. This presence ensures accuracy and precision in both the take-over and arrival times of the boats. Only with the proper involvement of other companies it is possible to ensure maximum organizational and operational reliability in the transport of a boat from Holland to Italy. Otherwise, it is easy to understand it, it is not possible to always keep faith, and in every circumstance, at the timings planned with the buyer.
It is the case to say unity is force.


What are the requirements of a truly qualified transport company?

Seeing a refusal to carry a boat from Holland to Italy because of the type of vehicle to handle is, of course, a limit to a small expedition company. Well, a sea transport company capable of offering its services for any boat category, so for luxury yachts, super yachts, yachts and mega yachts, but also containers, is definitely a value added. Another added value is certainly represented by “feasible” destinations. It is natural that a national transport company can not handle a confrontation with a global operator. There are also companies that, in addition to securing a boat from Holland to Italy, which in itself seems demanding, also lend their services to sensitive destinations – just to put an example to Afghanistan, Burundi, Lebanon , Iraq, Kosovo – which, of course, are not taken into account by all shipping companies, for reasons that it is easy to imagine.

From all this we can deduce the clear difference in terms of excellence and quality of the transport service from one company to another. From a company that also provides the service for sensitive destinations such as those just mentioned, we imagine how perfect and easy to handle a boat transport from Holland to Italy.