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Cigisped: Miami yacht transport, an excellent business for investments


Three great reasons to invest in the Miami yacht transport maritime sector!

Small islands that are easy to visit in a land conquered by many an entrepreneur.  We are talking about the place where yacht transport is the most requested – by far. Miami! This archipelago found in the south-east of the United States – Florida – has become the preferred destination of millions of entrepreneurs from all over the world, who have learnt over time to appreciate it – and not just as a holiday destination for their beloved getaways. Clearly there is some other good reason behind this high favour. Let’s explore a few.


1. Scuba diving: the leading sector in Miami’s economy!

Yacht transfer has become one of the most requested services and, according to current data, it looks like this figure is set to rise over the next five years. The reason? Great entrepreneurs from all over the globe have divined the opportunity to invest in a few activities that are amongst some of the most popular in these tourist locales: diving.

It’s no coincidence that there are more than 100 dive centres and stores that sell all kinds of scuba diving equipment. Diving is big business, an opportunity for all people who love the “maritime sector”. People who already own a boat would do well to move it to this area, making use of to the Miami yacht transport service and putting it at the service of the leading sector in the Florida economy.

Indeed, the veritable circus that revolves around the sailing world is engaged in an insane tour de force. That’s not even counting the number of professionals, including specialists, equipment suppliers, dealers and companies that offer services, including the already aforementioned Miami yacht transport. Journalists, television channel operators and the mass media, in a broad sense, are all involved. What’s more their contribution is vitally important in a spectacle that leaves millions of people breathless every year.


2. Miami: the birthplace of races, competitions and regattas 

Thanks to the Miami yacht transport service you can take part in all kinds of sporting competitions and races. As is clear to see, it would be impossible to enjoy your boat around these islands without this service, that is, without having to buy an extremely costly one there in situ.

All types of boats flock to these places: they may be extremely small boats, as with sail boats, or extremely big, as with multihull and mega yachts. The regattas benefit from the stunning backdrop of not only the open sea, but of rivers and lakes too, and can include one or more rowers. The boat competition, which mainly involves yachts, is one of the most popular attractions in the area. When these events take place, Miami becomes a hub for boats from all over the world.

Boats of all sizes, in different colours, even some multi-coloured, dot the sea like the stars do the sky. It is a stunning, magical and utterly unique sight to behold.
This is when Miami yacht transport is at its peak.


3. Yachts: the stars of Miami international boat shows

Miami boat transport can reach tremendous figures and not only in occasion of the various competitions, regattas and races. Indeed, there are several unmissable events for boat enthusiasts: trade shows and exhibitions. It is here that beauty, attention to detail and luxury reign supreme.

Fleets of boats from the biggest brands flaunt their appeal at these global events.
There are truly tonnes of events dedicated to exhibitions, and this only looks set to increase. It would be impossible not to mention the Miami International Boat Show: one of the largest trade shows in the sailing sector organised within the United States. This unmissable event has become the meeting point for the entire boating industry worldwide, which sees the participation of players from countries such as the Caribbean, North America, South America and Central America.

Even Italy is present with its grand yachts, as well as other kinds of boats – inflatable boats and fishing boats, accessories and equipment for various water sports. Figures show that this is the second largest and most famous market after the Mediterranean. The trade show sees ships, engines, trailers and accessories for maritime services on show.

Well, as you can see, this opens up new opportunities for anyone who owns boats. All they have to do is get familiar with Miami boat transport so as to be able to make the most of their vessels, without having to make any new purchases and then embark on this thrilling and profitable adventure.