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CIGISPED: International shipping companies and global yachts’ transport

Sea transport is evolving and international shipping companies should adapt: this is the new phenomenon of sustainable moves.

In Italy, the demand for global yachts transport service has never been so high. As noted in the General Transport and Logistics Plan, heavy goods transport by sea has increased by at least 40% over 10 years ago, exceeding well beyond expectations. In Europe, the situation resembles the Italian one and there is no lack of international yachts companies that have mastered, with great skill, the guarantee of global movements with services that are like those offered at the national level.

The exponential growth of transport, facilitated by the rapid technological evolution of the industry, requires patience, passion, but also a lot of skill. It also requires the use of specific tools, knowledge of the rules governing international trade and, finally, the ability to use the principles that govern a shared goal: the one of sustainable transport. It is easy to imagine how, in the case of global movements, these qualities should be strengthened. To learn more on sustainability


Global yacht transport: 360 ° sustainability

The globalization phenomenon, which has been emphasized in recent years due to the development of technologies, has also affected the global yachts transportation industry.
Computer science, telematics, and robotics have invested most of the economic sectors, including the handling of heavy goods by sea. In recent decades, this service has undergone a very sustainable development not only volumes of goods but also of distances traveled. But it is in the field of global yacht transport which is witnessing a real revolution and this service is beginning – or at least so it should be – to adapt to the principles of sustainable transport.

Sustainability of the costs, resources, and resources used, and finally, environmental sustainability. To this end, the first strategy to contain the greatest emissions of polluting gases is to increase the energy efficiency of vehicles used for the global transportation of yachts and vehicles. Obsolete vehicles are the first real threat to our environment. So, the vehicles built-in the light of the new discoveries in the field of technology and, thus, powerful, new, high performing, made with rules and techniques for safeguarding sustainability, are more able to keep the environment by providing excellent services for all globally, even logistics. It’s quite like what is happening in road transport: old-engine vehicles pose a threat for emissions, as well as being neither safe nor powerful.


Transport safety: a must for infrastructures and people involved

Quite often the tendency to liberalize in the various means of global shipping of yachts leads to infrastructure congestion situations.

This results in growing safety concerns. International yachts shipping companies are called to make sure safety in handling. The goal of each system is – and must be – to come as close as possible to the ideal security standard. The security issues that international yachts shipping companies are called to rectify, where they are present, are relevant to both means of transport and transport infrastructure, but also to people involved in moving the goods.

If the safety system in the yachts global freight sector waivers, who suffers most is not the infrastructure in which the transport system operates, but also the staff that it is engaged in to carry out its work. This is harmful to the efficiency of the system itself. That is why international yachts shipping companies are required – especially if they are operating globally – to adapt, focusing on the upgrading of vehicles, staff, and infrastructures.

All the above, if coordinated through inter-mode and interchangeability, ensure a safe and respectful of sustainable global shipping. So, it is best to choose international companies for shipping yachts, who avail themselves of the latest generation of tools and infrastructures, as this is a clear advantage under all points of view.