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A trip to the discovery of beautiful places on the footsteps of Cristoforo Colombo.

Bringing a boat from Huelva to Santa Cruz is a wonderful opportunity to experience the journey of the most beautiful wonders of the earth with your boat. The Huelva-Santa Cruz de Tenerife route connects Spain with Tenerife. Of course, it is a sea route that interests the beauties of the world’s largest, endless oceans.

Picturesque places such as Play de las Teresitas, Plaza de Espana and Los Gigantes are places that we all have heard of at least once in a lifetime. These are particularly well-known destinations by sea lovers all over the globe, but also by surf lovers, as Santa Cruz is home to O’Neill Wetsuits and Santa Cruz Surfboards. Shipping a boat from Huelva to Santa Cruz means admiring the beauties of these places on your own. And these places have a lot of beauty.


Huelva: An old wonder to explore

The city of Huelva is the capital of the province of Huelva in the autonomous region of Andalusia, southwest of Spain. Bringing a boat from Huelva to Santa Cruz is by no means easy, but someone like CIGISPED has managed to overcome all the difficulties by offering a great experience: to live your own trip using your boat. The city is located on the Gulf of Cadiz at the confluence of the Odiel and Tinto rivers, and this already makes it a beauty all to explore, lapped as it is from ancient times. The history of the city rises up to 3000 BC: we are in a truly historic city, and this makes it one of the most fascinating and evocative destinations.

Many findings dating back to Roman times have been found here: they testify to the presence of the monetary coin that had long existed in the city. Shipping a yacht from Huelva to Santa Cruz means having a wonderful experience: enjoying 360 ° the beauties of a timeless city, fervent of culture and heritage as ancient and enchanting as possible, and then spending the time you come to Santa Cruz, full days captured by the beauty of the marvelous and paradisiacal waters of the seas that lurk in Tenerife. From the charming places that remind Christopher Columbus of which the city itself, Moguer, Palos de la Frontera and Rabida Monastery, to the beautiful waters, especially loved by yachts and surf owners, Santa Cruz. It’s really the best.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife: the quaint port city of offshore activities

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a beautiful port city located on the island of Tenerife. Shipping a yacht from Huelva to Santa Cruz really means achieving the dream of a lifetime: to sail the waters of the wonderful oceans that surround these islands with their own boat. In this way, you can avoid chartering on-site boats, saving you a lot. Not to mention the emotional issue: why use another boat when you own one?

Santa Cruz is really spectacular: it is one of the largest western islands of the Canary Islands archipelago, where many Italians and foreigners arrive each year. Ample avenues, squares and green areas with beautiful sculptures of modern architecture spruce its wide harbor as well as some fine examples of modernist architecture. It is in fact a not very old city: Santa Cruz’s history dates back to just over four hundred years ago. Its port is the focal point that has made the city the second most populated of the Canaries. But surprise is surely the center of the city, close to the sea: every day there is a fervent commercial exchange and not just among the busiest streets and squares of the capital, like the Plaza de la Candelaria.

Sailing with your yacht from Huelva to Santa Cruz means traveling between past and present, between antiquity and modernity. But, let’s face it, which company can you find who has the resources and staff tio handle this shipment? Who owns the ultimate generation and highly advanced capabilities and tools to enable this to take place in the best possible way? However, not everyone is able to provide us with this magnificent possibility: CIGISPED, for instance, does just that.