Costs and features of the yacht yacht shipping service to / from Yokohama, Japan’s most populated city.

Yokohama yacht transport is certainly not a business that can be said, by definition, simple. We are talking about Japan’s most populated city, a crossroads of goods, services, people coming from all over the world. And to think that Yokohama before the 800 was a small fishing village, precisely until the end of the Edo period, during which Japan still, because of the policy adopted, did not trade with other states. It can be said in 1854 that the country is opening international trade in commerce. The reason for this is to look into the entrance of US Commodore Matthew Perry with its fleet of nine ships in Edo Bay.

On this occasion, Japan was forced to sign a treaty for opening foreign trade to some ports. Yokohama was chosen just as one of the main venues. It is no coincidence that Yokohama yachts are now so required: Five years later, in fact, the Yokohama port was opened and quickly became the most impressive center for foreign trade in Japan. Also due to the present Tokyo, the movement of sea and sea vehicles began to proliferate unexpectedly.


Why shipping costs were initially very high

The weakness of the Italian sea industry has lasted for very long, too long. Here is the reason why once would have made possible the Yokohama yacht transport service. Three factors contributed to the slowdown in the evolution of the Italian maritime system:
– The peculiarity of the Italian social fabric;
– The historical evolution of the country and its strategic choices made by the administration of the country;
– The slow pace with which Italy has welcomed technological innovations in the industry.

Well, recently it seems that things have changed. In a past few years, they started to come up with a company capable of providing yachts to Yokohama. All this however at really exorbitant costs. Today, thanks to the evolution and experience of some sea freight transport specialists, it is possible to carry yachts at Yokohama at low prices. These costs generally also depend on the delivery time required, sea conditions, extra services, and ect. Nowadays, there are companies that have a network of partners and collaborators in the destination ports around the world, including Japan.

These companies are able to overcome the problem of infrastructure shortages and the overwhelming question of high management costs that such an effective and impressive service presupposes. For this purpose, a valid shipping company by sea must have a partnership of agencies located in the major world ports: it is unthinkable that a shipping company can escape the transport of some goods, but this sometimes happens, especially in the case of yachts and super yachts. Nowadays, with the new infrastructure available, new generation vessels, every consumer, private or business being, must be able to count on a fully qualified and 360 degree service. This also applies if Yokohama is to be yacht, even large, and super yachts.


The importance of relying on a qualified partner

Yachting in Yokohama today represents a service reserved for highly specialized and state-of-the-art sea transport companies. Engaging in a qualified company means enjoying not only a full-fledged 360 ° service but also spending content. Therefore, the service involves the taking over of the yatch by trusted personnel, who accepts the boat in the best way by delivering it in the manner as agreed and timely manner with fair costs agreed in advance. It starts with the takeover of the yacht by providing expert advice and supervision at yatch embarking, also guaranteeing all risks insurance.

Adding to this is the drawing up of all the practices associated with customs operations.
That’s all that only very specialized companies such as CIGISPED can guarantee. For a yacht transport service in all the most renowned international destinations guaranteed, secure and fast.