CIGISPED: Boat transfer from Italy to Miami

Here are some good reasons why transferring from Italy to Miami is convenient.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in boat transfers from Italy to Miami. That this land is full of beauty is well known. It is no coincidence that Miami has always been the scene of various film footage. For several years now, this city has become one of the major attractions for Italians, not only for the tropical climate, magnificent beaches and the fascinating nightlife.

To contribute, in fact, to the increase in travel to Miami was certainly something more. There are many other reasons that justify this increase in boat transfers from Italy to Miami. Let’s just go through some of them.


Miami: home of art around the world

Miami is a very rich city not only from a naturalistic point of view but also from an artistic and cultural point of view. The transfer from Italy to Miami is an opportunity to enjoy these artistic beauties, including many art galleries, numerous theaters and a large number of museums, including the famous PAMM – Perez Art Museum Miami, the Wolfsonian Museum and the Bass Museum.

Moreover, in an artistic city like Miami, new neighborhoods are constantly being born to express art: this is the case of the iconic Art Deco District of Miami Beach with its twenty-five blocks that perfectly glamor, luxury, glamor and all The typical exuberances of Miami. Beautiful is also the Wynwood neighborhood in Downtown, famous for its art galleries and its beautiful murals. Taking a boat ride allows you to admire these beauties even from afar: all these artistic riches have transformed the city into a part of its landscape.

VIP lifestyle

We are not VIPs and, most likely, we would not even want to be VIPs all the time. But, let’s face it, transfer the boat from Italy to Miami to enjoy the chance to drive our waterway to a place where luxury lifestyle makes it a master, is a unique opportunity in the world to which We would hardly be able to give up. Between skyscrapers with spectacular views, an unbeatable number of venues and nightclubs, luxury and a boundless sea, savoring the amazing nightlife on board your yacht has no equal!

Miami, summer all year round

Last but not least, of course, one of the reasons that makes the boat transfer from Italy to Miami more and more attractive is the tropical climate of this area and the beauty of the beaches that make it amazing. Miami is hot all year round and avoiding winter is surely everyone’s dream. Choose a shipping company of qualified craft to drive in these areas your boat and navigate the waters of the ocean with the warm wind in the face … All while in Italy they turn on the radiators in the house …

It’s just great. Miami is home to yachts, sailboats, and super yachts. The surrounding ocean is constantly sailied, even at night, by boats of all kinds that, with their wake, create a beautiful effect. Here you have the feeling of being on vacation, among the beaches of South Beach, the Key Biscayne Bay. Also, on board your own boat, you can also reach the nearby Bahamas, Cuba, Cancun and also the Dominican Republic and all the Caribbean islands. In short, who would not want to give up everything, especially in winter … and ask for the transfer of the boat from Italy to Miami to start there a new exciting holiday? There are already many Italians who make this choice every year.

Of course, in order for the handling to reach the expected results, it is good not to rely on any company, but to choose a company with a qualitatively superior craft. This, of course, represents the major premise of the real success of our vacation.