A dip in the waters of the most beautiful island of the Gulf of Mexico aboard its own boat.

One of the reasons why Puerto Rico boat freighters are getting so successful is surely given by the growing number of people who choose Puerto Rico each year as a destination for their holidays. Proudly renamed Puerto Rican “la isla de incanto”, Puerto Rico is a fairytale place, especially for sea lovers. Completely immersed in the Caribbean Sea, this land is home to fast-food, shopping and commercial activities of all kinds that faithfully reproduce the American style.

The climate is typically tropical, and, unnecessarily, this factor is an undisputed advantage in terms of tourism. At the same time, a bit like in the whole Gulf of Mexico, there is no dry and suffocating season, as there are rains of rain in the hot days here and there, every day of the year. Of course, the best season to visit is from late November to late April. This is the most burdensome period for boat freight forwarders in Puerto Rico. During this time, the minimum temperatures range from 20 to 25 ° C and the maximum ranges between 27 and 30 ° C, with a non-annoying humidity level. The maximum you can ask for.


Absence of direct flights from Italy: here is the viable alternative

In spite of the large number of people arriving every year on the island, it will be surprising to know that there are no direct flights from Italy to Puerto Rico. Fortunately, good boat freighters in Puerto Rico allow you to carry your own seagoing ships, including yachts, sailboats of all sizes and boats with great surfboards on board.

This service is a unique opportunity to get around the problem on the exposed and at the same time enjoy your boat without having to rent, at a great cost, a sailboat, surf or yacht there, on site. In this way, simply rely on the Puerto Rico boat shippers company that carries their own means of transport by sea. Everything else will be taken care of by the staff, who takes care of everything, from cargo operations to the release of the yacht for pleasure.


Puerto Rico: a sailboat sea and yachts

Boat freight forwarders in Puerto Rico, due to the ever-increasing demand, are called each year to carry multiple yatchs by sea along the most suitable route. In fact, yachts are not just the object of the demand for the sea transport service: especially used in Puerto Rico are also sailing boats. The best beaches in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, are located on the Green Island and Condado.

They offer a striking scenario, both being delimited by a barrier of tall buildings. Also in the western part there are several beautiful beaches sailed by sailboats of all kinds and of all grandeur. For sailors, Fajardo is the main navigation center. The practice of diving in Puerto Rico is, then, one of the most enjoyed: it is practiced up to a few kilometers from the coast. The best place to dive is located at a deep 9km deep canyon. Other diving spots are those of the northwest coast, next to Isabela and Aguadilla. The beaches of the southern coast, compared to those of the Atlantic coast, are more sheltered. Here the sea is quieter and, therefore, ideal for those who do not want to surf or dive, but prefer to simply swim. Additional excellent locations, these increasingly popular destinations for those who require yacht shipping to Puerto Rico, are the islands of Culebra and Vieques and La Parguera, near the southwest coast. Other amazing points are the deserted Palomanitos island near the coast of Fajardo and the island of Mona.

The best area to practice surfing, for those who love this sport so popular in these places, is the northwest coast between Rincon and Isabela. Windsurfing enthusiasts also arrive on the island during the winter season, as this is the ideal season to exploit the winds blowing on the North Atlantic coast, especially near Isla Verde. San Juan is, then, the best place to find scuba diving tools. Even the hinterland of the island offers breathtaking views. Moving to and from these areas is easier today – you just have to take advantage of it … have a good holiday!