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Shipping boats and containers by air is no longer a problem with specialized international shipping companies.

Not everyone knows that boat and trailer can also bve shipped by air

For this purpose, there are international shipping companies specializing in air transport. Containers, boats and yachts can be shipped this way too: this is the new trend of heavy transport movements. Offering such a service, as is easily understood, is not from everyone. Investments in means and tools that are technologically advanced, very expensive … need highly qualified staff.

In addition, one of the prestigious requirements of international airline companies dedicated to this service is to be credited as an International Air Transport Association (IATA) agent. This is the international airline organization that incorporates the various service networks of the associated companies. This body controls the pattern of markets. The advantage in terms of professionalism that comes from being part of this network is the ability to receive real-time updates on air transport.


Container shipping by Air: The Revolution of shipments

Undoubtedly, only the airline companies belonging to a niche boat transport group can provide excellent service as it should be. Traveling by air by air requires the support of airlines as well as charter companies. You have to take into account the size and the final destination of the vehicle to be carried, but also of its nature. Much attention has to be paid, for example, to the transport of yachts by air: these are, in fact, the most commonly transported vehicles.

Luxury yachts, super yachts, big yachts and mega yachts: Airline companies must be equipped to carry air transportation of these means on which an increasing number of people decide to spend their holidays. For shipping by boat, the companies involved primarily take care of land-based withdrawal on suitable means, then landing and, subsequently, palletizing.


A full service in every respect

Clearly, a service of this size requires special means, great human resources and unique qualities. Particular attention must be paid to customs aspects of international import and export operations. Air freight forwarding companies must provide a whole range of services. Among them: customer service – which must always be up-to-date on transport developments – take care of all the steps related to customs clearance, a detailed documentation of the status of the goods at each step.

For this purpose, technical expertise and photographic services related to operations ensure the highest quality of service. The most professional international shipping companies use a network of agents and correspondents who are also involved in initial monitoring of the means to be transported, whose conditions are documented with photographs in order to avoid any problems to follow.

Packing of the yacht: a must in air transport

The most credited international shipping companies then offer a full packing service when picking up the vehicle/yacht. The dedicated personnel takes care of palletizing, reinforcing and packing as much on board as possible. Top-class agents should accompany the boat entrusted to all stages of transportation. Trusted personnel are required to accommodate the boat intended for transportation with proper care until returning to the destination in the best possible way. Some shipping companies have a dense network of agents present in major ports around the world. It goes without saying that air transport can present a number of envisaged or unforeseen environments to which only a truly established and qualified reality can cope.

We live in an age, ours, whose volume of international trade grows exponentially every day, freight transport between two foreign countries, without departing from Italy, has become something absolutely normal. This practice, internationally known as cross trade, needs to be managed at best and, decisively, air transport manages to organize everything efficiently, precisely and in timely matter.