Christmas Trends That Will Be Slaying This Year

Christmas Trends

We are always looking for what’s trending in the market, no matter what it is, we are on the hunt for the latest trends. Here are our trial and tested, best tips to decorate your holiday home and set the trend!!

After a whole year of bad news and uncertainty, people around the globe are mad about the holiday season and Christmas in specific. Certainly, this pandemic due to COVID19 has affected the way of living and especially it has affected how we celebrate our festivals. 

We have gone through all the trends and decoration ideas all over Google, Pinterest, Instagram, also we have talked with several interior designers and studio artists for their advice to bring you the best tips for this Christmas Day.

Additionally, we will also show you how to mix up these ideas with the décor you already have. 

So here are some tips for Christmas:

Recycled Materials

This holiday season you should focus on going green; Instead of paper, you can use designer cloth pieces and also get eco-friendly décor material. Eco-friendly Christmas items are on-trend these days and it is an easy way to work for a change and you can do this by switching to traditional wrapping techniques. 

Inexpensive Décor

You should reuse the decoration every holiday season. If you are getting something new it does not mean that you have to get rid of the existing stock of décor items. Also using the same items for everyone is easy and logical. This year people are not spending money on new décor pieces-instead they are redesigning the existing items and combining them with cheap DIY Christmas decorations

Holiday Baking

According to the data, searches on Pinterest have increased by five folds for Christmas-related baking ideas, and this is compared to last year and it’s not the beginning yet. In these times, when everything around us is not so good, people are trying to embrace their traditions and enjoying the simplicity of life, like baking cookies for Christmas. It is an event you would do with your close family and don’t have to worry about the social distancing part.

Small Scale Celebrations

We have already missed several festivals this year due to COVID-19, government has recently imposed the ‘rule of six’ restriction, people have to find ways to celebrate online or in a group of few people. This year’s Christmas will be celebrated in mini masses, with people in smaller groups. 

Farmhouse Neutral Décor 

The best Christmas decoration is one that matches your color theme. You don’t have to go out of the box in color combinations. Search results for farmhouse Christmas décor ideas have increased by 900% in the last five years, data by Google trends. White, Black, grey, wood colors, and other neutral shades will look great as much as traditional Christmas colors. 

Christmas is a day filled with joy, happiness, decorations, and warmth of love with friends and family. Do whatever makes you happy and gives positive vibes.