Choose the Best Juicer

It might seem that there are a lot of amazing models of juicing devices out in the market to select from. Moreover, the availability of several models makes it more difficult for a user to select one that would meet the expectations without having to spend money twice. How would you know which one to select among the single or the double auger, the masticating or the triturating?

For these reasons, it is recommended to get familiar with the best of both worlds via reviews of the best juicer types by Juicer Guru. After this, you can consider the features to keep in mind when shortlisting juicer models that would suit your kitchen.

A Checklist Worth Having When Shopping For A New Juicer

What the family needs:

You might need to write down the juicing needs of your family before going for any particular juicer. This should include the quantity and how often they like their dose of fresh juice, the kind of fruits and vegetables that will be juiced, and so on. This helps to figure out what is expected from a juicer and then select one that can deliver.

Ease of operation:

Irrespective of how many functions we want our juicer to perform, the ease of operating it is still very important. One should have it in mind that the more functions a juicer perform, the more parts it is likely to have. And the more parts present in a juicer, the higher it’s level of sophistication. This is why it’s advised to go for a juicer that has only a few parts that are meant to carry out the functions that you need.


The price factor is also affected by the operation mechanism of the juicer. Some juicing devices might appear expensive to purchase but they end up saving you a lot of money because of the juice yield they produce. However, it would be better to go for a cheaper alternative if you are not planning to extract juice on a regular basis.

Sophistication level:

Make a list of the functions that you require from a juicer, then go for a device that does exactly this – nothing more. This is because the more functions a juicing device performs, the more sophisticated it is. Avoid getting a juicer if most of its functions appear redundant to you.

Noise level:

It is not worth it to wake up the entire house just because you want your dose of fresh juice every morning. Go for a device like the dual auger juicers that operate quietly and you no longer have to wake up your neighbors with the noise of your early morning juicing activities.

Time to Choose a Juicer

So far, so good, we have been able to learn about the juicer types and the features that they possess that we can take advantage of. Now would be the right time to make a list of the features we want from a juicer and then select a triturating juicer that possesses such functions.

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