The roof of your house is one of the most important parts of your house as it protects you from sunlight, heavy winds, water, ice, snow and sometimes wild animals like eagle etc. The roof of house must be installed really carefully. A person must install a roof really carefully as it is a onetime investment for 20 – 25 years.

Since roof installation is not a piece of cake for every individual so you need to hire a contractor which can handle all the chaos easily. One of the first and important steps for roof installation is selecting the perfect contractor for the job. For roof installation Southgate Michigan there are some really good and reliable contractors to select from.


In order to pick yourself the perfect roof installation contractor you have to research on the following things:

  1. References:

Before hiring a contractor one has to contact to his previous clients in order to gain more assurance of his work. Ask the contractor for a list of his previous contacts and randomly pick anyone from the list. Don’t contact the people from the start of the list, as sometimes the contractors list their best clients in the start.

  1. Experience in the market:

Inquire about the contractor’s experience in the market. Because in the roofing sector a contractor cannot have a high experience unless he has really good image in the market.

  1. Proof of insurance:

Check if the contractor provides you with a proper insurance of his working time. Most contractors usually submit the insurance paper when they are giving the quote for their work.

  1. Proper qualifications of the manufacturer:

Ask the contractor about the roofing material he is going to use. See if the material from the company is durable or not. And how much success ratio the company has. Also inquire him about the tools he is going to use like adhesive tapes, etc.

  1. Warranty:

Keep a copy of warranty of the materials which the contractor would be using and the warranty given by the contractor.

  1. Variety of different roofing types:

Ask the contractor about the different variety of roofing he is providing. For example, 3-Tab shingles, Architectural shingles, metal roofing, Clay shingles, etc.

  1. Sub-Contractor:

Companies sometimes handle the contracts by themselves but sometimes they hire a sub-contractor to help them. Inquire about the sub-contractor and gather all the necessary details.

  1. Maintenance Program:

Check if the company has a maintenance program as you might need it in future.

  1. Workers:

Check how the workers the contractor hires and which type of training does he provide them. Also check what safety measures the workers apply.

  1. Quality Inspection:

Inquire if the contractor provides quality inspection. Quality inspection is really important as it is needed to ensure the quality standards of the work.

  1. Affiliations:

 Have a clear knowledge about the industry and company affiliations of the contractor. This will help in figuring out the image of the contractor and his market status.

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