There are millions of poor and underprivileged people in India who are being sheltered and taken care of by non profit organisations. Some of these organisations or institutions are religiously working towards creating a better environment for all. For that, that they are in continuous need of monetary donations to meet their needs. Contributing towards the greater good is what a responsible citizen should look forward to. One doesn’t simply donate to prove his/her point neither to act as a Messiah but to show solidarity towards the fellow beings of our country, in order to provide them and their following generations a secure future. As a plus point, these donations also come up with tax exemptions up to 100 percent.

It’s rightly devised that a donation can be abbreviated to ABCD i.e. Any Body Can Donate. Non-profit organisations like charitable trusts and NGOs work entirely on funds collected by the general people. Many such organisations work devotedly to uplift the society from its perils. Donating reflects your generosity for which you’re definitely lauded for such a humanitarian effort. It’s a simple gesture of benevolence where no one is extorted to contribute but is acted entirely on will. If you’re in two minds about it we’ll help you to cumulate an outright response.
Here’s how-

Chance to be the Good Samaritan

There’s no evangelism involved in donating. You do it as per consent or not. But if you choose the former, there you have a chance to be a driving force of change to someone or a community who is/are underprivileged. Despite the fact that millions of people are suffering under the hammer of poverty and injustice, your monetary bestowal might bring sunshine in someone’s life.

Contribution towards economic development

Yes, it’s true! NGOs work to improve the quality of life of the poor, old, displaced beings and work entirely on donations. Such organisations’ activities contribute towards the economic growth of the country and you get a chance to add on to the same. Empowered communities are collectively a testimony to this fact. Your donation can help a poor person enjoy three square meals a day in solitude, a girl child go to school, a needy villager to have access to basic sanitation, a dislodged senior citizen take shelter and so on. The more this happens, better the quality of life becomes and our Human Development Index (HDI) Rank has better opportunities to go up.

Receive Tax deductions and exemptions

Nowadays, as per the IT Act, you can claim deductions and exemptions up to 100% on tax donations. It’s possible via donation under 80g of the Income Tax Act. There are several funds under section 80g where you can receive tax exemptions up to 100 percent and in some cases deductions up to 50 percent. Any tax payer i.e., an individual, firm or company can claim the tax deduction. As per the rules of filing Income Tax Return, you have to submit a list of documents that are specified in the IT Act.

So as you see, donation of funds has its perks. Consider this your bit towards the society, an effort to bring smiles on some faces. Some non-profit organisations are doing exceptional in India as well as internationally and they rightfully deserve the money in order to enhance their work and keep going. Have you ever donated money before? If yes, you can share the experience with us.