Do you live in a housing unit that is more than ten years old and whose attic insulation was done some time ago? You want to remake its insulation and ask the question of the technique to choose? Indeed, two techniques are put forward, especially for their ease of implementation, spreading and blowing. When temperatures drop, heating bills tend to increase. It is an inversely proportional ratio on which you can still act, improving the insulation of your attic. Small investment that can save you money and give you benefit from state aid for energy saving work.

Spreading or blowing

Attic or convertible attic, if the available living space is not used, it must be isolated. The spreading and blowing technology can be realized with insulation in bulk, such as cellulose wadding, stone wool, sheep wool, hemp wool with the help of cellulose insulation blowers. It is possible to move towards conventional insulation such as rock wool or ecological as cellulose wadding. Both of these methods are quick to put in place.

Attic insulation by spreading 

The application is a non-mechanical solution which consists in distributing flake insulation between joists your attic floor. Spreading is manual: you or a professional pours and distributes the insulating flakes on the ground before leveling with a rake. The floor must be covered with a vapor barrier to ensure a perfect seal and continuity of the insulation. You can search for the insulation blowers for sale. This technique requires equipment to protect your bronchi, your eyes, your eardrums. Fibers should not be allowed to penetrate by wearing a mask, charlotte, gloves and booties as well as a complete combination ensuring an airtight barrier.

Attic insulation by blowing

Unlike spreading insulation, the blown insulation machine technique is far more mechanical and time saver. The insulation is projected and blown using a compressor and a mechanical blowing machine. The power of the machine makes it possible to reach places of difficult access. The installation of a vapor barrier is also mandatory.The blowing can be done by a professional or by yourself but requires in addition to the equipment already necessary for the insulation by spreading, a material that you will have to rent.

Conclusion: Difference between converted and attic spaces

The method of blow insulation is very commonly used for attics lost. That’s why it’s important to differentiate between converted and lost attics.Most often the attics said “lost” are made of a light frame whose cross arrangement makes impossible any development. In some cases, the frame is traditional, but the floor of the attic is formed of simple beams that support a suspended ceiling. It is therefore an unusable surface and very often difficult to access.The converted attics, meanwhile, are a usable part of the house and most often they have the classic features of a room or an attic.

About us:- The installation of cool insulation blowing machines   will be done without inconvenience for the occupant because the machine to blow remains outside the house and blows the insulation inside the attic.

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