CCTV Drainage Survey Is Extremely Useful Technology to New Homeowners – Learn Why

CCTV Drainage Survey

If you are searching for a new residential property or shifting to a new home in a few days, certainly you would have a long list of important tasks to complete before your move. Limited time and countless things to do! This can make you a little anxious or stressed. But no matter how much rush you make to move to your new home, you should never overlook the importance of diagnosing the drainage system of the property you are shifting to.

Conducting a drain CCTV survey must be on your checklist of essential things to do before the move day. This could save you a good amount and help you avoid hassles and stress later once you are moved into the new house. Can you dare think that you just moved to your new home sweet home and find out the drainage system is blocked or damaged? It can be a nightmare! On top of it, you will need to pay for the drainage repair even before you are settled in the new place.

CCTV Drain Survey Ensures You Peace Of Mind

Getting a CCTV drain survey Medway done by a reliable and professional drainage company isn’t really an expensive and time-consuming task. You just need to find the right company, schedule their visit for the drain survey and your job is done! Rest is handled by their expert drain survey specialists.

The drainage survey specialist reaches your doorstep in the committed timeframe. They mostly have a mobile van well-equipped with the latest tools and technology equipment useful in drainage diagnosing, cleaning and repair work. In a CCTV drainage survey, advanced CCTV equipment is used to inspect the condition of your drainage pipe.


A camera is sent down the drain so the drainage survey operator can watch the pipe condition on a monitor screen in real-time. Thanks to the massive innovation and advancement in the CCTV technology, the drainage engineers are able to now tilt the camera at any desired angle when inside the pipe. The picture quality has also been improved dramatically over the years.

This improvement in the quality outcome of the CCTV system further simplifies the fault-finding process for drainage engineers and bring in more accuracy to the job. No matter how far the blockage or damage is, using CCTV equipment it can be revealed in minimal possible time. And the biggest advantage here is, you are not spending time digging up the ground to reveal the pipe area installed underground.


A CCTV drain survey is an excavation-free and effective way of identifying and pinpointing any problem your drainage pipe or sewer line may have. A detailed survey report with schematics and recommendations by experts will give you a clear idea of the problem and the associated expense.  And if there is nothing detected during the survey, you can relish in the ultimate peace of mind and finish your move worry-free.

Some of the most common drainage issues detected during drain CCTV surveys include collapsed pipe, broken pipe, FAT build-up, tree root invasion, misaligned pipe joints, and blockage. Remember, the early detecting of the drainage problem will enable you to fix it in a low repair bill and lesser time. On top, the problem can be fixed before you move to the new home. If you are buying an old property, getting a CCTV drain survey Medway is even more important!

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