The old are viewed as weak and deserving of pity. However, while doing this, we miss out on a very basic idea. The elderly are human beings with full rights as anyone else. Healthcare, property etc. are such rights that senior citizens cannot be deprived of, yet too often this is the case. Healthcare, in particular, can be tricky because the elderly has some very specific healthcare needs we often forget about. For example, they are far more prone to most diseases, they can fall prey to depression out of loneliness and they very likely have weaker eyesight than most other people.

The most common reason for weak eyesight among the elderly is cataract which is really a pacification of the natural lens of the eye. Thanks to technology, it is possible to change this lens for an artificial one and this is exactly what phacoemulsification surgery does, commonly known to us as phaco surgery. Phaco surgeries are not cheap. Yet, they are not completely unaffordable for us. However, if we think of underprivileged senior citizens, it does become a luxury to them. A lot of them have been abused, some barely survive on their pensions, and some do not even get that.

However, cataracts do not really listen to these problems. If left untreated, they can cause blindness. And at old age, especially when disenfranchised, blindness can be a debilitating condition and to let someone become disabled despite having the means to support them is unjust. Here is where crowdfunding comes into the picture.

So, what can we, those who care about these issues do? We can wait for governments to act or we can save eyesight ourselves. Getting in touch with people and making a team of those who want to come together and start a venture to operate on senior citizens with their complete consent is a method we should all adapt. If, however, you or anyone you know have a cataract and do not have the means to operate on it, you can visit a website called Impact Guru.

This online crowdfunding platform has collected 600 crores so far, a lot of it in medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding. Once on the site, you can start a fundraiser. So, what exactly will your fundraiser do? Remember that crowdfunding is a process of independently taking action and not depending on anybody. Just like people collect money for various causes on the road, websites like Impact Guru collect money for various causes online and keep a tiny bit as their share.

So that fundraiser of yours will be shared on various social media sites, the ones you have access to and the ones we have access to (don’t worry, our campaign manager will get in touch with you). So crowdfunding will enable your fundraiser to collect money from over 15 countries. Sounds comforting yet? When you face situations like this, remember that you are not alone; we at Impact Guru are with you.

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