Pests like carpenter ants would be a terrifying dream for the homeowners because they spread soiled and begrimed environment for the residents. Many of us in the United States try DIY methods but most of us aren’t aware of the side effects these methods. Although many invaders can be controlled or appeased through pest repellants, poisons, sprays and baits which are easily accessible from the markets near your home. To take it into illustration, malefic pesticides are dangerous if they are being used in a careless manner. They won’t work if you go around and disseminate them in your home.  A clear disposition to pesticides would be harmful and it can damage your skin, eyes, and in serious cases, even your respiratory system. You can control the situation if you pay close attention to this aspect as well. But a professional team with incessant diligence is required to undertake the situation in case of carpenter ants’ infestation. Speaking from my personal experience, Pest control for Harding New Jersey was the most professional team to counter this issue of carpenter ants.


You need to be worried when you find out their infestation because colonies of ants are fond of digging galleries in your wood. They place their nests in those damaged woods and it is hard to find their nesting places. If left untreated, the loss would be huge and irrevocable. They don’t really nest in dry wood but moisture attracts them. They will find a way inside in vents, cracks, holes, electric wire, pipes, hollow doors and other weak entry points.

  • Carpenter ants may have entered into your home in search of food. They can travel a lot in search of food and if your house is not clean, you got to be worried about it.
  • Small piles of wood shavings can depict the presence of carpenter ants. They do not eat the wood but they dig galleries and eject the wood into small piles. It comes with a huge financial loss.
  • If the infestation is big and severe, you would probably be listening to rustling If a colony is living inside your house, they would be active in the night with rustling noise.
  • Presence of carpenter ants invites more pests to damage your healthy living. In that case, many insects would be flying out in your house and residential areas.



To get rid of carpenter ants, you can try some home remedies as well.


  • Boric acid is considered to be one the best carpenter ant insecticide which is non-toxic and does no harm to the humans. Mix it with water and spray the solution around the infested area.
  • Cedar oil and Diatomaceous earth are also considerable remedies in this regard. Diatomaceous earth is a powder which works to desiccate the carpenter ants. Similarly, Cedar oil can dehydrate and suffocate carpenter ants.
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