Career Goals : Data Analyst In Media And Entertainment Industry

data analytics certification courses

The global Media and Entertainment industry’s revenue is slated to touch $3 trillion by 2025, almost 15% coming directly from the Indian subcontinent. In the last 2 years, there has been a massive influx of opportunities in the industry arising from one specific branch of science and technology- Data Science for Advertising Technologies.

If you are looking to build a sparkling career in data analytics and related fields, the Indian media and entertainment industry is a great avenue. India is a leading destination in the South Asian region for the media and entertainment business. Due to the availability of high-quality media resources and talented and skilled media personnel, all globally recognized media and entertainment companies are investing heavily in Indian businesses.

Let’s understand how certifications in data analytics courses can help your career.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

We have been tracking the marketing, digital advertising, and sales technology industries very closely. From the Media industry perspective, the era of digital advertising has taken an upward journey since the launch of Data Management platforms that acquire data from third-party sources and then empower the online businesses to switch to a first-party data company on their own.

There are different types of advertising formats for digital channels, the obvious ones are of course Search, Display, Native and Programmatic, Social media, and email. But, during the pandemic, we have seen a resurgent rise of few other formats coming to the centerpiece of marketing and sales in media. These are from Podcasting, audio advertising, webinars, and live video streaming.

The data analytics courses provide a strong grip around these fast-changing trends in the digital advertising space with systematically planned modules on basics of advertising, and advanced analytics on ad inventory management, media standardization, and the best marketing resource any team can ever procure at this moment – Emails Contact list.

Channelizing email contact

From channelizing email contact data to putting context to each ad on various platforms such as Amazon eCommerce, YouTube, Facetime, or Instagram, you can do it with a single click, provided you understand the basics of personalization and unified messaging tools. So, if you are vetting through massive chunks of video formats and planning the next launch of media projects with personalization in mind during a hostile situation (recession, competitor’s product launch, pandemic, global geopolitical situations, etc), using your skills and experience acquired from the data analytics certification courses come handy.

Some data science teams closely work with the other creative teams in Marketing and Sales. The business intelligence, in addition to applications such as NLP, Object Recognition, AI-based Content Discovery and other advanced levels of deep learning techniques further enable creative teams to refine their visual design, film promotion, and advertising.

For example, a leading designing studio uses an advanced machine learning algorithm to train video content data and link it with contextual customer data associated with online forms, text, stills, and audio segments. The analysts extract context, meaning, language, objects, and concepts to improve the overall “impact value” of any advertising project.

Ad Masters: Data Tunes AI Virtual Assistants

You can draw inspiration from Ironman’s JARVIS AI to understand how a virtual assistant works. JARVIS is a mix of voice, robotics, and automation, and it is aptly called as the future of all Internet of Things devices that can practically accomplish any tasks that humans can think about, including creating an ad still for the world’s most prized automobile companies – Bentley, Tesla, and Ferrari.

Today, data analytics main role in Media and Entertainment industry is largely restricted to three segments of operations, which include Website Content Experience, Event planning and management, Customer data management, and Dynamic Pricing and Placement advertising techniques.

Virtual assistants can help media professionals manage these operations, sparing billions of dollars that are otherwise lost to faulty ad campaign timing, pricing mismatch, and brand safety infringements.


Despite lagging in the AI’s adoption as a core technology investment compared to the other industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Education, the ROI generated from these technologies in the M&E sector has been the highest, almost returning with 50% higher profits in the advertising segment alone. With players like the Facebook (Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp), Google-YouTube,, Twitter, and other user-generated content platforms making a big swing at AI and data analytics for their services and advertising solutions, it’s a ripe moment for you to choose the best data analytics certification courses.